Under a memorandum of cooperation between the Iranian port of Amirabad, and the Italian port of Ancona, goods will be transited from Central Asia to Europe through Amirabad Port.
9:45 ( 22 03 17)
Under a trilateral statement of cooperation between the Transport and Communication Union of China, Anzali Port Authority and the Qazvin Province Chamber of Commerce, to establish a new multimodal transport corridor, the commercial transactions from China through Anzali Port were projected to increase significantly.
8:51 ( 18 03 17)
On the anniversary of Iran's nuclear agreement with the United States, Russian Federation, China, France, England and Germany, the Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) highlighted the major consequences of the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) in the maritime field.
8:24 ( 18 03 17)
The Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development defined commercial ties strengthening as the most important issue to be pursued in the Caspian Sea.
8:27 ( 15 03 17)
In a meeting attended by port director generals from north and south of the country, parliament members and the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, investment contracts of around 1 trillion US Dollars (USD) were concluded with private entities to develop Iranian ports.
10:18 ( 05 03 17)
The Ports and Maritime Director General of Hormozgan Province pointed to the transfer of some 85 million tons of diverse petrochemical and general cargos through Shahid Rajaee Port in the first nine months of the present Iranian Year, and commended the flourish of container operations by 32 percent in the most advanced commercial port of the country.
9:58 ( 26 02 17)
For the first time in the commercial Port of Lengeh, some 850 cars were discharged from ships within 15 hours, which was considered a new operational record among the Iranian sea ports.
14:36 ( 23 02 17)
During a trip to Shahid Rajaee Port, the French Ambassador to Tehran paid a visit to the facilities and potentials of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), 40 berths and the cargo loading and discharge equipment of the largest commercial port of the country.
15:51 ( 22 02 17)
During the 24th Assembly Meeting of the International Maritime Satellite Organization (IMSO), the Islamic Republic of Iran was selected for membership in the Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee for 2017.
9:46 ( 15 02 17)
"The Iranian economy needs to become the status of the country and its nation, and the status of Iran in this region is global. Our ports thus require the capacity to compete with other ports."
11:24 ( 08 02 17)
The Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) announced that Iran would impose no limitations for liners to revisit Iranian waters as a bilateral relation, and commented that Maersk Line like other liner companies had decided to resume cooperation with Iran on commercial grounds.
14:53 ( 05 02 17)
As one of the achievements of the nuclear agreement, the first consignment of port equipment, including 9 huge shore cranes manufactured in Germany, were delivered to the Iranian Port of Chabahar.
10:00 ( 05 02 17)
The Deputy Managing Director for Port Affairs and Special Economic Zones of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) considered the resumed visits of Maersk Line to Iranian ports in the post-sanctions period as favorable: "We generally celebrate this cooperation as a positive sign, yet the main, more cherished proposition for us would still be direct, liner activities of this company."
13:52 ( 01 02 17)
The Ports and Maritime Director General of Mazandaran Province counted the construction of grain silos and warehouses among the most important investment projects in Noshahr Port Special Economic Zone (SEZ), and encouraged Austrian entities to participate.
14:49 ( 25 01 17)
During their 3-day trip to the Northern Iranian Province of Mazandaran, a commercial delegation from the Russian Volgograd Port visited Amirabad Port and expressed their hopes for promoted transport from their port to Amirabad due to the existence of sizeable cooking oil storage facilities.
10:50 ( 18 01 17)
During a visit to Shahid Rajaee Port and the Iranian southern coastline, the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment mentioned the objective of her trip and field visit to be assessing the current situation of that port as the largest container and economical port of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
14:51 ( 15 01 17)
The Managing Director of Special Zones, Marketing and Investment of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) announced improvements in the investment attraction process for Iranian ports, and added that some 24 projects were ready for investment at the time being.
9:51 ( 11 01 17)
The Regional Director of Maersk Line, the largest shipping line in the world, announced their intention and happiness to once again resume their 60-year old commercial cooperation with Iran.
15:03 ( 04 01 17)
The Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) encouraged the return of empty containers by the waterway passing through Khorramshahr Port, instead of the road system: "For ships carrying empty containers on their return voyage to major Iranian ports, PMO will award a discount up to 70 percent of the port charges and tariffs, based on the ratio of empty containers to the total containers on board that ship."
9:01 ( 21 12 16)
Mr. Alexander Dobrindt, the German Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructures, and a large economic and commercial delegation of that country visited the Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO), and discussed different port, maritime and training topics.
11:54 ( 14 12 16)
The Secretary-General of the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) commended ICOPMAS 2016 as being perfect.
8:51 ( 11 12 16)
The President of the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) announced the 2020 conference of that association to be held in Iran, and highlighted strong cooperation they had in various technical fields.
16:03 ( 07 12 16)
The Twelfth International Conference on Coasts, Ports, and Marine Structures (ICOPMAS 2016) was held in Olympics Hotel, Tehran, attended by experts and academics from 37 countries.
15:59 ( 27 11 16)
The Afghan Director General of Customs, Mr. Ahmad Reshad Popal paid a visit to Chabahar Port, and mentioned his objectives to be activating border markets of the two countries, pursuing the conclusion of three bilateral agreements on training issues, exchanging customs information and establishing a joint gate between Eslam Ghal'eh and Dogharoon, as well as conducting a field study of Shahid Beheshti Port Development Plan in order to minimize transit formalities between the two country and define investment opportunities in the mentioned Iranian port.
10:41 ( 15 11 16)
The representative of the Dutch company described the 150-year history of his company in regard to dredging operations around the world, highlighting its ten years of activity in the Caspian Sea, and elaborated: "This company possesses 60 dredging and support units, and is prepared to conduct dredging operations in Iranian ports, using hopper and cutter dredgers, as well as half-open and open grab units with a capacity of around 15 cubic meters."
11:48 ( 29 10 16)
During the visit of six Senegalese delegates to the largest commercial port of the Islamic Republic of Iran, headed by their ambassador to Tehran, the establishment of a special cargo shipping route between the ports of Shahid Rajaee and Dakar was agreed upon.
10:23 ( 26 10 16)
The Deputy Managing Director for Maritime Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) announced: "There are over 144 thousand certified seafarers working on board the Iranian fleet, who have been educated in the domestic training institutes, and have received their Certificates of Competency in accordance with the requirements of the International Convention for Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping, 1978."
14:45 ( 25 10 16)
The Ports and Maritime Director General of Gilan Province reject the Reuters' report on decreased commercial transactions between Iran and the Russian Federation, and announced the 70-percent growth of cargo transfer to and from Russia through Bandar Anzali in the first three months of the present Iranian Year (ca. April to June 2016).
9:29 ( 23 10 16)
In order to optimize the transfer process for export products from petrochemical industries into the Imam Khomeini Port Special Economic Zone (SEZ), a new special route was designated on the eastern side of this huge port complex, in cooperation with the Customs Directorate General in the mentioned port.
10:28 ( 19 10 16)
Under Private Sector cooperation, some 56,200 tons of gypsum entered Imam Khomeini Port Complex, and was loaded through special measures and supervision of port affairs experts onto a ship as the first exported gypsum consignment to Malaysia.
14:58 ( 16 10 16)
For the first time, some 30 Navigational Electronic Charts (ENC) cells covering the Iranian waters in the north of the Persian Gulf were developed by Iranian experts (National Cartographic Center (NCC)) and distributed among seafarers and ships.
11:57 ( 09 10 16)
During the first training course on bulk cargo loading and lashing safety, some 150 stevedores and port personnel learnt about the latest techniques and standards of cargo handling and securing.
9:57 ( 05 10 16)
Iraq Reluctant to Develop Arvand Waterway
12:22 ( 02 10 16)
In a ceremony held for the signature of the sister-port agreement between the Iranian Port of Shahid Rajaee and Belgian Port of Antwerp, the Belgian Ambassador to Tehran pointed to the historical yet continuing connection between the two ports, and added: "We seek to expand the ties between the two countries, and favorable conditions have been created for that purpose."
9:21 ( 24 09 16)
With the establishment of the above mentioned firefighting system, the port demand for a major portion of passive defense infrastructures would be satisfied.
10:20 ( 21 09 16)
Coincident with summer solstice 2016, the equatorial sundial and equinoctical ring bearing a helm and anchor logo was unveiled in Shahid Haghani Port, Bandar Abbas, and was registered in the International Sundial Atlas.
8:52 ( 14 09 16)
The Managing Director the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) emphasized the plans to eliminate the need for transferring containers to third ports in the region from the cargo transport chain to Iran, and considered transshipment of goods from foreign ports to the major ports of the country as beneficial for flourishing port activities and promoting employment in the Iranian maritime sector.
13:49 ( 11 09 16)
An expert delegation from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) paid a two-day visit to the Ports of Shahid Rajaee, Shahid Bahonar, Shahid Haghani and Nakhl Nakhoda in Hormozgan Province as the maritime capital of Iran.
15:35 ( 31 08 16)
Following the visit of the Iranian President and his accompanying high-ranking delegation to Italy, an Italian investment delegation paid a visit to the Iranian northern Port of Amirabad in order to assess the conditions for constructing storage facilities for petrochemical products.
9:34 ( 28 08 16)
The Pakistani Consul General in the Iranian Sistan and Baluchistan Province compared the Ports of Chabahar and Gwadar, and stated: "Gwadar Port in Pakistan resembles a new-born baby on the global map, while Chabahar is a young port endowed with higher facilities, equipment and development."
15:06 ( 24 08 16)
For the first time in the field of exporting grey cement clinkers from Iran to Iraq, usually conducted by land, a consignment of some 33,763 tons was loaded on a ship in Imam Khomeini Port.
9:35 ( 21 08 16)
During the operations for removing two ship wrecks from the International Arvand Waterway, the Khorramshahr Port Director General calculated the number of salvage operations conducted in Karoon and Arvand Rivers as 160 cases, which had optimized safety of navigation and facilitated sailing for larger vessels.
14:26 ( 14 08 16)
A Maritime Rescue Coordination Center and Coastal Radio Station (MRCC-CRS) was opened in Amirabad Port as the standard integrated center for the northern Iranian coastline.
9:24 ( 10 08 16)
During the unloading of a ship carrying ironware in special economic zone of Imam Khomeini, the significant achieved new record is 15 thousand and 729 tons in a work day, the past record was improved significantly.
11:16 ( 01 08 16)
Fire extinguishing maneuver was held with the aim of promoting operations forces readiness of private sector companies and measuring their interactions with the fire department in the Special Economic Zone of Imam Khomeini port.
8:15 ( 27 07 16)
Leading a large economic delegation from Oman, and accompanied by the Minister of Transport and Communications of his country, the Omani Minister of Commerce and Industry paid a 5-hour visit to Chabahar Port in southeastern Iran, and announced the objective of his trip as supplying food through Iran, investing in Chabahar Free Trade Zone (FTZ), and expanding bilateral ties at the international level.
15:07 ( 23 07 16)
In a meeting with the Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Graziano Delrio, the Managing Director of the Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) explained about the process for constructing and operating Iranian ports: "Port infrastructures are usually built by the Iranian Government, while operational activities in ports are run by Iranian or foreign private entities, among which there are a number of Italian companies that cooperate with PMO in this respect."
15:04 ( 19 07 16)
The Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development met with the German Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Mr. Alexander Dobrindt, and mentioned the axes of his 2-day trip to Germany as "infrastructures" and "developing transport fleet", explaining briefly about Iranian development plans for the maritime transport sector.
10:59 ( 12 07 16)
Mr. Mohammad Rastad, Member of Board and Vice President to Maritime Affairs of Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) of Islamic Republic of Iran announced that;
10:32 ( 19 06 16)
The Port and Maritime Director General of Khorramshahr Port announced the berthing of the largest container ship in this port since the Imposed War.
10:33 ( 15 06 16)
12th International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures
Holding Date: 31st Oct. – 2nd Nov. 2016
Abstract Submission Deadline: 21st May 2016
Venue: Olympic Hotel, Tehran, Iran
14:52 ( 30 01 16)

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