Fri, May 27, 2016
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Investment Priorities in Amirabad Port Announced
The Port and Maritime Director General of Amirabad Special Economic Zone (SEZ) pointed to the capacities and potentials of that port, and elaborated: "Amirabad is the only third-generation hub port of the country that is connected to both the national railway grid and the North-South International Transit Corridor (NOSTRAC)."
(May 11, 2016 10:30)
Unprecedented Iron Discharge Record in Imam Khomeini Port
With a discharge of some 15,729 tons of ironware from a foreign vessel within one working day in Imam Khomeini Port Special Economic Zone (SEZ), the previous record in this respect was significantly improved.
(May 3, 2016 11:00)
Kazakh Foreign Minister Visits Noshahr Port
Mr. Erlan Idrissov, the Kazakh Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Bagdad Amreyev, the Kazakh Ambassador to Iran paid a visit to the Noshahr Port Special Economic Zone (SEZ).
(Apr 20, 2016 10:31)
PMO Deputy Managing Director: "Mandeb Strait remains open for Iran"
The Deputy Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) for Resources and Management Development highlighted the fact that no country was allowed to close international maritime routes, and announced: "Iran is not concerned the least with its diplomatic ties being severed with some countries and its possible impact on maritime activities."
(Apr 20, 2016 09:53)
Indian Ambassador Emphasizes in Chabahar Port: "We are waiting for second round of negotiations"
The Indian Ambassador to Iran paid a visit to Shahid Beheshti Port Complex and identified Chabahar Port as point connecting Indian and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
(Mar 30, 2016 09:57)
Belgian Ambassador in Shahid Rajaee Port:"Historic cooperation will continue between our ports"
The Belgian Ambassador to Iran and Mr. Kristof Waterschoot, the Managing Director of the Belgian Port of Antwerp International visited Shahid Rajaee Port Complex, the potentials and capacities of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), its 40 berths and the cargo loading and discharge equipment in this largest commercial sea port of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
(Mar 14, 2016 09:45)
Iranian Cabinet Approves: Joint Execution of Shahid Beheshti Port Development Plan in Chabahar
Under a decision of the Cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) was permitted to execute Phase I of Shahid Beheshti Port Development Plan through concluding contracts with a 70-30 partnership of the Private Sector and PMO respectively.
(Feb 14, 2016 14:32)
Focusing on Chabahar Port Development
Trilateral Trades Promotion Conference between Iran, Afghanistan and India
(Feb 10, 2016 14:02)
Danish Partnership in Developing Southern Ports Welcomed
In a meeting with the Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development, the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs announced: "Denmark accounts for 10 percent of global transport, and also pioneers in constructing and equipping large and advanced ports around the world.
(Feb 7, 2016 13:45)
MSC Shipping Line Revisits Shahid Rajaee Port
After six years, the first ship with a capacity of some 9,400 Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) belonging to the Swiss container line MSC (the second largest container line in the world) was berthed in Terminal No. 2 of Shahid Rajaee Port Complex.
(Feb 3, 2016 13:30)
12th International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures
Holding Date: 31st Oct. – 2nd Nov. 2016 Abstract Submission Deadline: 21st May 2016 Venue: Olympic Hotel, Tehran, Iran
(Jan 30, 2016 14:52)
Technical course on Minimizing Harbor Siltation
Technical course on "Minimizing Harbor Siltation" was held on 6-8th December 2015 with cooperation of PIANC-Iran national section.
(Dec 22, 2015 10:54)
Iran and Marine Environment Protection Requirements
The Director General of Search and Rescue and Marine Environment Protection of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) pointed to the fact that the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC 1990) was developed following the catastrophe for oil tanker Exxon Valdez, approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 1990, and entered into force in 1995.
(Dec 21, 2015 11:10)
Condition for Shipping Lines Visiting Iranian Ports
National Transit and Transshipment to Be Partially Provided
(Dec 14, 2015 15:57)
Senior Azeri Officials Visit Astara Port
Following negotiations for the construction of Astara-Astara Railway (rail connection between Iran and Azerbaijan), the Azeri Minister of Economy and Industry and Head of Customs visited the Iranian Port of Astara.
(Dec 9, 2015 09:26)
Exclusive Grains Berth Constructed in Bandar Anzali
The Ports and Maritime Director General of Gilan Province announced the inauguration of an exclusive grains berth under private investment in Bandar Anzali.
(Dec 6, 2015 14:22)
Access Road: Main Challenge for Noshahr Port
The Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) pointed to the strategic position of Noshahr Port in the north of the country, and its proximity to the Capital, and elaborated that with the completion of the Tehran-North Freeway, the port would enjoy a further promoted status.
(Nov 29, 2015 11:14)
Polyethylene Buoy Installed in Noshahr Port
The first polyethylene buoy manufactured inside the country was installed at a depth of 7 meters in the access channel to Noshahr Port.
(Nov 25, 2015 14:07)
Commencing and Inaugurating Civil Operations in Noshahr Port
In a ceremony attended by the Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) and local officials in Noshahr Port, two storage warehouses with an area of 21 square meters were inaugurated, and the construction commenced for two grain silos of 30 and 50 thousand tons.
(Nov 22, 2015 15:35)
Caspian Port Authorities Meeting to Discuss Marine Tourism
The Ports and Maritime Director General of Mazandaran Province expressed his dissatisfaction with the insufficient flourish of marine tourism in northern Iranian areas: "Considering the huge capacities of the Caspian Sea for marine tourism development, the issue will be discussed during the Sixth Joint Meeting of Caspian Sea Port Authorities to be held in November 2015 in Amirabad Port, Iran."
(Nov 15, 2015 15:19)
Amirabad Third Generation Port on International Corridor
The Director of the Amirabad Port Special Economic Zone (SEZ) presented a report on the capacities of this zone, and elaborated: "There are 10 thousand hectares of support lands in this port, as well as 9 berths, one of which is dedicated to grains, one to ro-ro activities, and seven to multipurpose efforts."
(Nov 10, 2015 10:16)
A Glance at Past Six Meetings of Caspian Port Authorities
The Caspian Sea (known also by the name Khazar in Iran), is the remnant of the ancient Paratethys Sea, together with Aral Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Pars Sea.
(Nov 4, 2015 15:10)
PMO Managing Director Emphasized:Government to Support Marine Tourism in Caspian Sea
In the inauguration ceremony of infrastructural projects for Bandar Anzali breakwaters and basins, the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development clarified: "The Ports of Anzali and Noshahr, especially the former, enjoy long experience, favorable capacities and excellent conditions for cargo transactions with Caspian Sea littoral States, including the Russian Federation, as well as transit to Europe."
(Oct 31, 2015 11:11)
Maritime Transactions of Indian Sub-Continent through Caspian Sea
The Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development pointed to the programs of his ministry exceeding the establishment of the required infrastructures alone, and elaborated: "Forming the economic network, as well as optimal and maximal use of the infrastructures to foster economic growth and flourish in the country are among the priorities of the Iranian Government."
(Oct 27, 2015 12:09)
Leave a Clean and Safe Caspian Sea for Coming Generations
The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs stated in the Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Caspian Sea Littoral States: "The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that for resolving the issues of the Caspian Sea, methods need to be adopted that result in long-term and comprehensive benefits, instead of focusing on transient objectives at this level."
(Oct 25, 2015 14:54)
Caspian SeaSymbol of Unity and Good Neighbor Policy
During the Fourth Summit Meeting of Caspian Sea Littoral States in the Russian Federation, the Iranian President emphasized on "turning the Caspian Sea into a symbol of development and cooperation, and a center for amity and progress" and "the issue of security and mutual cooperation", and added that peace and stability needed to born in mind at all times and everybody had to cooperate for that objective.
(Oct 21, 2015 14:49)
3rd Ranking International Shipping Line Prepared to Invest in Iran
The Deputy Managing Director for Port Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) announced the preparedness of the third largest shipping line in the world for investing in the Iranian port and maritime sector, and clarified that the present capacity of the ports felt no shortcomings for welcoming major ships.
(Oct 18, 2015 12:36)
Germany Prepared to Invest in Iranian Port Projects
During a visit by a high-ranking German delegation to Tehran, the Deputy Director and Executive Director of the GIZ Company met with the Deputy Managing Director for Port Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO), and announced the preparedness of the German Private Sector for "investing in port projects", "cooperating on bilateral multi-modal transport" and "supplying port equipment and spare parts".
(Oct 14, 2015 13:42)
"Conditions are going to change"
PMO Managing Director after Nuclear Agreement:"We are ready to welcome huge foreign vessels"
(Oct 12, 2015 13:42)
Port Operations in Khuzestan Province Grow by 17 Percent
The Ports and Maritime Director General of Khuzestan Province pointed to the growth of loading and discharge operations for petrochemical and general products by 17 percent in the past year, and stated that the above mentioned operations in his respective province had passed 46 million tons in toto.
(Oct 7, 2015 10:22)
Export Leap in Shahid Bahonar Port Complex
A quick glance at the annual performance of the Shahid Bahonar Port Complex in Bandar Abbas shows that a total of 2.095 million tons of petrochemical and other products were loaded or discharged in that port in the current year, which registered a growth of 4 percent compared to the similar period in the previous year.
(Sep 29, 2015 13:16)
Removing Ship Wrecks from Arvand Rud Continues
In the latest wreck removal efforts in the southwestern river of Arvand Rud, a sunken motor dhow, 27 meters long, 8 meters wide and with a draft of 3 meters was removed from the estuary of that river in the Persian Gulf, in order to ensure the safety of navigation for other vessels by the experts and specialists of the field.
(Sep 16, 2015 11:26)
Iran Assists Foreign Ship in Persian Gulf
A competent Khorramshahr Port official announced the successful completion of a 4-day operation to assist the distressed vessel M/V AASHISH in the waters of the Persian Gulf.
(Sep 8, 2015 11:25)
Communication Systems for Service Vessels Organized
(Sep 1, 2015 15:50)
Promoting Equipment Operational Preparedness
A Top Priority for the Most Advanced Iranian Port
(Aug 25, 2015 12:32)
Nairobi Convention Enters into Force in Iranian Waters
Following the approval of the Act on the Ratification of the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks (2007) by the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, this convention acquired its requisite number of ratifying States and entered into force on 14 April 2015.
(Aug 18, 2015 09:14)
To Implement Maritime Labor Convention
PMO Prepares Port State Control Guideline
(Aug 10, 2015 12:35)
Positive Performance of Shahid Rajaee Port Complex in One Year
In the performance sheet of the largest commercial port of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the figure 72 million tons of loading and discharge operations on different types of cargos, and a flourish of 144 percent for transit of general cargos have been recorded.
(Aug 4, 2015 09:08)
PMO's Deputy Managing Director for Port Affairs
Discounts Considered for International Shipping Lines
(Jul 27, 2015 08:56)
Incidents Involving Iranian and Foreign Flagged Vessels Drop by 25 Percent
Elaborating on the latest performance report of maritime search and rescue activities by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past 12 months, the Deputy Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) for Maritime Affairs announced the above news, and continued that extensive and effective measures were taken by that organization in order to guarantee safety of lives at sea for people in Iranian waters, in cooperation and coordination with other relevant Iranian bodies, and with the use of special SAR vessels and maritime rescue coordination centers (MRCCs).
(Jul 21, 2015 08:50)
Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Transport
Bulgaria to Consider Supporting Iran in IMO Council Elections
(Jul 14, 2015 11:02)
Development Plan for Khalij Fars Oil Port Progresses by 85 Percent
In the master plan for the Khalij Fars Oil Port, 130 hectares of hinterlands would be added to the port area, and employment opportunities would be created, directly and indirectly, for some 2,500 people.
(Jul 6, 2015 11:57)
Successful implementation of the five-yearly independent evaluation (3rd cycle) in accordance with the provisions reg
I/7, A-I/7 & I/8 of STCW convention and related Code and retention of Islamic Republic of Iran in the STCW -78 Convention white list.
(Jul 4, 2015 10:42)
Iranian Plans for Bunkering and Water Provision in Persian Gulf
The Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) announced the plans for the Iranian Private Sector to invest some 500 million US Dollars in establishing bunkering infrastructures.
(Jul 1, 2015 10:46)
Investment Priorities in Northern Iranian Transit Port:Amirabad Port Throughput to be Promoted by 18 Million Tons
The Deputy Minister of Road and Urban Development counted the activities related to "fuel transit, including storage tank construction", "vehicle container transit to the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)", "steel industries, and wood and paper industries", "export of mineral medium materials" and "grains transit" as the investment priorities for the Port of Amirabad.
(Jun 23, 2015 11:19)
ICOPMAS 2014 was mentioned as the most significant scientific events related to Ports and Coastal Engineering in PIANC Yearbook 2014
11th International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures (ICOPMAS 2014) which was held with participation of more than 1200 national and international experts has been introduced as the most significant scientific event related to Ports and Coastal Engineering in PIANC Yearbook 2014 (The World Association for waterborne Transport Infrastructures).
(Jun 17, 2015 15:38)
Introduced in International TOC Conference:Container Opportunities in Iranian Ports
During the Nineteenth International Terminal Operations Conference and Exhibition (TOC), the Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) held separate meetings with the senior executives of major international shipping lines active in Europe and Asia, and talked about the resumption of their commercial interaction with the sea ports of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
(Jun 13, 2015 12:14)
Export Development Bank of Iran to Support Shahid Beheshti Development Plan
During his visit to the southeastern Port of Chabahar and accompanied by the Managing Director of Export Development Bank of Iran, the Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) elaborated on the Shahid Beheshti Port Development Plan, and expressed his appreciation to the foresight and attention of the National Management and Planning Organization, and the Iranian banking system towards this significant and fundamental development project in Chabahar Port.
(Jun 9, 2015 15:11)
India to Invest 85 Million USD in Chabahar Port Phase I and another 110 Million USD in Other Phases
The Ports and Maritime Director General of Sistan and Baluchistan Province announced that the Indian contractors were planned to commence the operations for the completion of Phase I of the Chabahar Port Development Plan by September 2015, and expressed his hopes that the mentioned phase of the above plan would be completed by the same time in the year 2016.
(Jun 2, 2015 10:20)
Indian Minister of Transport Pays a Field Visit to Chabahar Port
Following the conclusion of an agreement between the Indian and Iranian Governments for the participation of India in the development and expansion of Chabahar Port, the Indian Minister of Road Transport, Expressways and Shipping paid a visit to the Shahid Beheshti Port Complex.
(May 26, 2015 14:57)
12th International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures
12th International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures
Holding Date: 31st Oct. – 2nd Nov. 2016 Abstract Submission Deadline: 21st May 2016 Venue: Olympic Hotel, Tehran, Iran
(Jan 30, 2016 14:52)
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