Fri, September 30, 2016
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$600 million investment in Bandar Abbas by the end of the year

$600 million investment in Bandar Abbas by the end of the year
Director General of Bandar Abbas port said that by the end of the year some 600 million worth of investment is expected to be made in Bandar Abbas Special Economic Zone.

He added that this investment is to be made in the forms of 11 contracts with private sector in different areas. “This amount of investment will create 1400 jobs for the local residents”, Director General asserted.

Mr. Safaei also said that some $54 million worth of investment was made in Bandar Abbas special economic zone in the form of 6 contracts with private sector. These contracts involved construction of warehouses for export, import and transit of cargo as well as bunkering reserves and construction of rail and container terminals.

“With putting the second phase of Bandar Abbas port into operation and doubling the container capacity of the port, new capacities will be generated for investment of private sector in different industrial fields”, Mr. Safaei added.

Bandar Abbas is the major container port of Iran located in the south of the country bordering Persian Gulf. More than 80% of the incoming and outgoing container cargo is carried out from this port.  




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