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Development of Chabahar port, foreign ministry’s top priorities
Chabahar is one of the country's most important transit routes to develop an international transportation network.
Negotiations to Launch Chabahar-Karachi Passenger Sea Line
Negotiations for the launch of the Chabahar-Karachi marine passenger line are under way with plans to deploy Iranian ferry boats on the Chabahar-Musca
Iran, India joint venture in Development of Chabahar Port
The development of Shahid Beheshti Port carries on with the cooperation of Indian investors


South Africa Green-Lights Use of Scrubbers in Its Waters
South Africa has decided to allow the use of exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) in its territorial waters and ports ahead of the IMO 2020 regulation.
Alphaliner: Largest Container Ports Handle 4.9 Pct More Volumes in 2018
The 120 largest container ports in the world have been busy in 2018, recording an increase of 4.9% in total volumes compared to 2017, according to dat
Shell Marine Presents New Lubricant Ahead of IMO 2020
Ahead of the IMO sulphur cap 2020, Shell Marine has introduced a new two-stroke engine cylinder oil specifically for use with engines running on 0.5%





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