Railway capacity of Shahid Rajaei port upgrades

Director General of Ports and Maritime of Hormozgan: Renovation of railway line 5 of Shahid Rajaei port in order to develop rail transport and strengthen rail-port-based activities has reached the final stages.

PMO News Portal - Referring to the railway lines development of Shahid Rajaei port, Alireza Mohammadi Karajiran stated: Repairs and renovations of structures and rail in this port are being carried out continuously and according to a schedule.

An amount of 340 billion Rls. has been invested for the reconstruction and renovation of rail lines 4 and 5 of Shahid Rajaei port. with the proximity of Line 5 with warehouses 20 to 23, which is dedicated to storage of basic commodities, the process of clearance of goods will be accelerated, Karajiran further explained.

He added: Proper width of lines, connection to the national rail network and being located on the north-south corridor, which is a safe route for sea-rail transit of goods to neighboring countries, are the most important benefits of the railway development project.

Sunday Nov 29, 2020