Tariffs for port and maritime services of the country's commercial ports

The Deputy of Ports and Economic Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization: Providing numerous and targeted discounts for ports, shipping lines, commodity owners and investors, is an effective strategy.

PMO News Portal - Regarding the characteristics of port and maritime service tariffs in the country's commercial ports for the new year and taking the necessary measures in formulating tariffs, Farhad Montaser Koohsari stated that Issues such as providing multiple and targeted discounts to port operators, shipping lines, cargo owners and investors will be very effective in setting port and maritime service tariffs for commercial ports next year.

“strategies considered in this area are reducing the cost of Iranian shipping lines under sanctions, strengthening the traditional fleet and reducing their costs, supporting new activities in port and supporting Ro-Ro shipping activities in the northern ports” The Deputy of Ports and Economic Affairs of PMO added.

Features to be considered in setting of tariffs include the introduction of new patterns for the new year, the creation of necessary facilities for the implementation of tariffs from the beginning of the new year, targeted reform of discounts so that the desired discounts fit the main beneficiaries.

Sunday Dec 6, 2020