Intensive Covid-19 related measures and protocols for Indian ships in Iranian ports

PMO’s Director General of Maritime: specified health measures and protocols for countries with high intensity of the outbreak are seriously considered by the Ports and maritime Organization based on the decisions of the National Headquarters or Corona

PMO News Portal - Hossein Abbasnejad emphasized that since the outbreak of the Corona virus, the ports around the world as well as Iranian ports have not been closed and said: In this regard, all the ports and maritime activities have been performed based on the issued restrictions in terms of passenger traffic and flow of goods, according to the stated health protocols.

he added: Due to the severe condition in India and the outbreak of the Corona virus in this country, the Ports and Maritime Organization will act according to the decisions of the National Headquarters for Corona.

Director General of Maritime highlighted that currently, there is no sea passenger traffic between Iran and India. Iran-India maritime traffic is solely commercial, and all health protocols are taken into account to combat the outbreak of Corona virus on board the berthing ships in Iranian ports.

Monday Apr 26, 2021