Uninterrupted port and Maritime services in Iranian ports

Deputy of Maritime Affairs of PMO: "Despite sanctions, PMO has offered sustainable ports and maritime transport services with no interruption in the entry and exit of ships and crew change in the country's ports.
Uninterrupted port and Maritime services in Iranian ports

PMO News Portal - stating that the outsourcing of maritime services such as dredging operations has started in previous years, Jalil Eslami added: Maritime services outsourcing will be considered and followed carefully by his organization.

“Organizing unidentified vessels and setting disciplined maritime traffic is one of the important tasks in the maritime field, in which 1,500 unidentified vessels have been identified and registered so far by the ports and maritime organization”, Eslami said.

The Deputy of Maritime Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization mentioned the promotion of maritime and maritime safety as one of the important issues and announced the updating of the law on protection of navigable seas and rivers and the preparation of full coverage of maritime communications in the country's waters.

Timely inspection of flagged and foreign ships in accordance with national and international requirements; The design and implementation of a mechanism to monitor the shipbuilding and repair industries and the management of refueling service vessels have been among the measures taken in the field of maritime operations by PMO

Oct 16, 2021 09:46