Russia, Iran determined to develop maritime cooperation

Russian Deputy Minister of Transport: maximum cargo volume should reach the Iranian ports through the Caspian Sea. Deepening the Caspian Sea to increase maritime transport and facilitate the unloading of cargo in the Caspian Sea is on the agenda.
Russia, Iran determined to develop maritime cooperation

PMO News Portal - Dmitry Zverev, as the head of a delegation of representatives of transport and logistics organizations, the International Road Transport Association and Russian trade representatives, visited Tehran to discuss the development of maritime and port cooperation between Iran and Russia. In a meeting attended by Ali Akbar Safaei; The Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization and a delegation of officials of ports and maritime and port unions of Iran, Dmitry Zverev referred to the economic activities of the north-south corridor by sea, road and rail and stated: to develop cooperation, purchase of port facilities and providing land for the construction of container terminals on the shores of the Caspian Sea and the Indian Ocean are among the issues that have been discussed.

"Russian maritime sectors have agreed to visit these ports and I request that this issue be considered in the near future in order to pave the way for the maximum number of documents and agreements to be signed in 2022.” he continued.

Russia's Deputy Minister of Transport stated that the Iranian side is cooperating in financing the port of Astrakhan, and added: "We also intend to do this on the Russian side to accelerate activities and avoid interruption in progress of the ongoing projects.  

In order to increase the Caspian Sea transport, some measures are being taken to deepen the sea, he said. "Some measures are related to the port area to facilitate the unloading of cargo."
May 30, 2022 14:52