Bushehr Province, with the area of almost 23,167 square kilometers and 937 kilometers of coastlines on the Persian Gulf, has several minor and major ports, among which Bushehr Port is the largest and most important port for transportation of commercial goods. With a total throughput of 7 million tons of goods, this port is capable of offering services for bulk, containerized, general and petrochemical cargos, refrigerated products, raw materials, storage and processing of various commodities and passengers. The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Bushehr Port encompasses Negin Port Complex with almost 70 hectares (with the potential to be extended to 443 hectares). With the aim of constructing dedicated oil, container and multi-purpose terminals, infrastructures preparation for Negin Port Complex is in the Bushehr Port agenda.

  • Proximity to various raw material mines across the province;
  • Existence of cold-storage warehouses with a total capacity of 5,000 tons (below and above zero);
  • Quick and easy access of clients to operational and administrative areas of Bushehr Port due to its proximity to urban areas; 
  • Existence of various oil/gas fields and offshore installations in Bushehr Province waters and favorable markets for logistics services; and
  • Short marine distance to the ports of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain.



  • Industrial and value-adding activities in Negin Port Complex;
  • Construction of petrochemical berths and terminals;
  • Construction of raw material berths and terminals.