Khoramshahr port is situated in the north-west of the Persian Gulf, on the southwestern coastline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the heart of Arvand Free Industrial and Trade Zone. This port has some common borders with Iraq, and is considered as the national center of trade with Persian Gulf littoral States.

This port has the shortest marine distance to Iraq and Kuwait, and has the capacity for 3.8 million tons of containerized and general cargo through its 18 berths.  The infrastructures developed for passenger transfer in Khoramshahr port have provided a significant investment opportunity and advantage for the Private Sector partnership in the future.

  • Being located in the Arvand Free Industrial and Trade Zone;
  • Quick and easy access to rail fleet and transit routes of Central Asia, Turkey, Russian Federation and Iraq; and
  • Having an international passenger terminal in the Persian Gulf.
  • Offering cargo transit and export services to Iraq;
  • Providing a storage and distribution center for imported goods;
  • Developing  packaging and assembly industries;
  • Establishing cold storage and warehouses for keeping, processing and warehousing goods;
  • Offering vessel-related services;
  • Constructing storage tanks for petrochemical products for transit purposes;
  • Constructing a marine petrochemical logistics center; and
  • Offering marine recreational and tourism services.