This Port is the best logistic terminal for nearby islands (namely Abumusa, Greater and Lesser Tunbs, and Forur). Transporting cargo and passengers to the countries in the Persian Gulf Region since a long time ago, expediting customs processes through establishing one-window commercial system and considering discount in customs charges, possessing rich mineral reserves such as sand, sandstone, gypsum, etc. has made this port an important commercial, transit, cargo and passenger node for the center and southwest of Asia.

 As the second largest port in the west of Hormozgan Province and having the shortest distance to the countries located in the Persian Gulf Region (such as UAE and Qatar), Lengeh Port has a special importance among the southern ports.

 Thanks to implementing recent phases of development and investment in this port and the current forward-looking attitude, good horizons of development can be expected for Lengeh Port through expanding hinterlands, yards and in turn admission of larger ships

Closest port to the Arabian countries on the Persian Gulf, especially the UAE;

Being located on the Bandar Abbas-Assaluyeh route and connection to the national highway network from three side; and

Addition of 18 hectares to the port basin and 16 hectares to the port hinterlands

  • Transiting vehicles to Central Asia;
  • Supplying fresh water, provisions and other similar operations;
  • Exporting minerals by large ships;
  • Developing passenger transfer through establishing new passenger lines and promoting the fleet;
  • Exporting fresh fruits and vegetables by refrigerated ships;
  • Attracting investment in container operations;
  • Transiting petrochemical products, with mazut as a priority;
  • Constructing new warehouses; and
  • Constructing berths for cargo and passenger operations (600 meters).