The Ports and Maritime Administration of Mazandaran Province includes two commercial ports (Nowshahr and Fereydonkenar) which are operating in handling commercial goods, monitoring the implementation of sovereign duties of maritime safety, search and rescue, establishing maritime communication systems, protecting marine environment and combating pollution at sea, compliance and enforcement of international conventions on maritime and coastal management.

Nowshahr Port, with an area of about 44 hectares and jetties in commercial and services, as well as coastal and offshore equipment, hosts an average of 500 ships from the Caspian Sea Littoral States annually. Through reconstruction and development of new jetties, the quayside depth of port will be promoted to 6.5 meters, which allows larger vessels to visit the port.

  • Nearest commercial port to the capital and major commercial and industrial centers;
  • Easy access to the markets of Central Asia and Eastern Europe;
  • Access to airport at a distance of 2 kilometers;
  • Storing and handling commercial goods, oil and dry bulk;
  • Warehouses and facilities for goods export and transit;
  • Developing port hinterland and supported areas;
  • Constructing commercial and petrochemical berths;
  • Constructing warehouses, yards and a second basin for the port;
  • Creating value-adding and processing industries;
  • Constructing cold storage facilities, export terminals and grain silos;
  • Participating in construction of infrastructures and superstructures for 200 hectares of hinterlands; and
  • Possibility for establishing maritime travelling and tourism industry.