The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Shahid Rajaee Port is located in north of Qeshm Island and the Strait of Hormuz, and at a distance of 23 kilometers west of Bandar Abbas. This port accounts for over half of foreign trades of the country through its connection with over 80 major ports around the world.

The excellent geographical position, access to open seas through the Persian Gulf, connection to international railway network and Silk Road, using modern equipment and facilities, and proximity to free trade zones in Kish and Qeshm Islands have all turned this port into a uniquely strategic asset for the country.


  • Being located on the main route of North-South Transit Corridor (INSTC) and East-West corridor, with the aim of facilitating the transit of cargos to the countries of Central Asia, Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman Region, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq;
  • Proximity to the main centers and poles of production, industry  and petrochemicals in the country;
  • Existence of banking, credit, insurance, customs networks and other related service providers; and Existence of dedicated terminals for fuel transit and bunkering, containers, general cargos, petrochemical products and minerals
  • Establishing centers providing value-adding services;
  • Expanding and developing cargo re-export;
  • Attracting and developing transshipment;
  • Constructing grain silos;
  • Constructing cargo and container logistics terminals;
  • Constructing cold storage facilities for perishable goods;
  • Establishing storage facilities for bunkering services;
  • Establishing storage facilities for export, transit and swap of petrochemical products;
  • Reception facilities;
  • Constructing complexes for providing supplies and similar services to vessels;
  • Constructing storage facilities for edible oils; and
  • Constructing and operating  water desalination  systems and power plants.