Global Positioning System (GPS) (اسم)

A navigational and positioning system developed by the U.S. Department of Defense, by which the location of a position on or above the Earth can be determined by a special receiver at that point interpreting signals received simultaneously from several of a constellation of special satellites

سامانه جهت‌یابی جهانی

یک سیستم موقعیت‌یابی و دریانوردی که توسط ایالت متحده آمریکا پایه‌گذاری شده است

Gravity wave (اسم)

A wave whose velocity of propagation is controlled primarily by gravity. Water waves more than 5 cm long are considered gravity waves. Waves longer than 2.5 cm and shorter than 5 cm are in an indeterminate zone between CAPILLARY and GRAVITY WAVES. See RIPPLE

امواج گرانشی

موجی که سرعت انتشار آن با گرانش کنترل می‌شود.امواجی با طول بیشتر از 5 سانتیمتر

Groin (اسم)

(1) A shore-protection structure (built usually to trap LITTORAL DRIFT or retard EROSION of the shore). It is narrow in width (measured parallel to the shore) and its length may vary from tens to hundreds of meters (extending from a point landward of the shoreline out into the water). GROINS may be classified as permeable (with openings through them) or impermeable (a solid or nearly solid structure). (2) (SMP) A barrier-type structure extending from the BACKSHORE or stream bank into a water body for the purpose of the protection of a SHORELINE and adjacent upland by influencing the movement of water and/or deposition of materials


نوعی سازه دریایی که برای حفاظت ساحل به کار می‌رود.

Groin bay (اسم)

The BEACH compartment between two groins

بخشی از ساحل بین دو  آبشکن

Gulf (اسم)

A relatively large portion of sea, partly enclosed by land


یک بخش نسبتاً بزرگ از دریا که بخشی از آن بوسیله خشکی احاطه شده است

Gut (اسم)

(1) A narrow passage such as a strait or INLET. (2) A CHANNEL in otherwise shallow water, generally formed by water in motion

گذرگاه باریک

یک گذرگاه باریک نظیر تنگه و یا خور