Digital maritime market worth $159 billion
The global maritime digital products and services market in 2021 is worth $159 billion – 18% ahead of pre-pandemic forecasts, according to a new report.
Iran retains as a full member of the IHO council until 2023
Director General of Maritime Safety and Protection of the Ports and Maritime: The Islamic Republic of Iran retained as one of the 30 main member states of IHO council until the formation of the General Assembly in 2023.
Challenges at Chinese Ports are Increasingly Impacting Global Shipping
While much of the focus has been on the challenges shippers and carriers face getting imports offloaded at their destination ports and delivered, there are also growing backlogs at Chinese factories and ports.
Code of Conduct Developed to Increase Focus on Crew Welfare Issues
With the increasing focus on the welfare and mental health issuers for the world’s two million seafarers along with the increasingly difficult work environments, a new initiative is launching to provide a uniform code of conduct and assessment tool for ship owners, operators, and charters.
Russia Launches Research Ship with Unmanned Navigation Capabilities
Russia recently launched its first ship equipped with unmanned navigation capabilities.
Port of Rotterdam implements Smart Mooring Solution
The Port of Rotterdam has worked with Royal HaskoningDHV to implement a Smart Mooring solution at the port.
Container lines profit forecast at ‘eye-watering’ $150bn for 2021
As supply chain disruption continues consultants Drewry are now forecasting container shipping lines will make an “eye-watering” profit $150bn in 2021, with more to come in 2022.
Uninterrupted port and Maritime services in Iranian ports
Deputy of Maritime Affairs of PMO: "Despite sanctions, PMO has offered sustainable ports and maritime transport services with no interruption in the entry and exit of ships and crew change in the country's ports.
Direct transport of basic commodities from Chabahar port
more than 8,000 tons of basic commodities has been transported to the destinations in the country from Chabahar port
P&O Maritime Tests Wearable Device to Monitor Mariners' Fatigue
OSV operator P&O Maritime Logistics is taking a personnel-monitoring technology developed for truckers and heavy equipment operators to the sea.
Port of Antwerp trials drones to enhance security
The Port of Antwerp has partnered with Aerospace company Sabca to conduct field trials of a fixed-wing drone fitted with cameras to assess the technology’s potential in providing real-time on-site security imaging.
Iranian Ports’ potential to become the transshipment hub in the region
PMO’s Managing director: currently, the capacity of the country's commercial ports is 260 million tons. by lifting the oppressive maritime sanctions and increasing the country's economic and trade relations, we can use the potential capacity of ports and commercial shipping.
IRISL Managing Director: Shipping operations grew by 43%
Managing Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line Group: The shipping transport operation of the Islamic Republic of Iran has increased by 43% compared to last year.
Redesigned Propeller Blades Increase Fuel Efficiency up to 22%
a Swedish propeller manufacturer, Berg Propulsion, says that it is achieving strong results through the redesign of propulsion on existing ships.
Crew Vaccinations and Change Statistics Continue Positive Trends
The challenges facing seafarers that have dominated the headlines for the past 18 months are continuing to stabilize and show slight signs of improvement according to the latest monthly update on the Neptune Declaration Crew Change Indicator.
44% increase in unloading of basic commodities in Shahid Rajaei port
Director General of Ports and Maritime of Hormozgan: During the first six months of this year (Iranian year), 1,556,063 tons of basic commodities were unloaded in Shahid Rajaei port, which has increased by 44% compared to the same period last year.
Seafarer Welfare in Focus on World Maritime Day
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is calling on the shipping industry to prioritize the welfare of seafarers, who are at the core of the industry's future.
first major international project financing in the Iraqi ports sector
The first major international project financing in the Iraqi ports sector is underway.
EU and OPEC Cite LNG as Critical Marine Fuel
commissioners from the European Union publicly stated that they recognize the importance of LNG in helping the shipping industry achieve Europe’s goals for decarbonization.
Autonomous Vessels are Becoming a Commercial Reality
The Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium 2021 conference brought together the largest public and private entities in maritime autonomy.
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