Iranian ports operational capacity reaches 285 million tons
The Minister of Roads and Urban Development The operational capacity of Iranian ports in the north and south of the country has increased from 185 million tons to 258 million tons.
Japanese Research Demonstrates Carbon Capture Using Scrubbers
A first-of-its-kind test aboard a newly built ship demonstrated the feasibility of carbon capture and storage on an actual vessel.
More Panama Canal Transits Highlight Rebounding Global Trade
The Panama Canal Authority says vessel transits are rebounding as global trade picks up after the Covid-19 pandemic.
More Shipping Companies Testing Biofuel in Operations
A growing number of shipping companies in different parts of the industry are continuing to experiment with the use of biofuels as a near-term means of improving the environmental performance of their operations.
Iranian port, Ready to welcome large ships
Managing Director of PMO: The 16 major port and maritime projects are being operationalized despite the fact that the country is facing the toughest sanctions and the spread of the Corona virus.
46% growth in container loading and unloading in Gilan ports
Non-oil exports in Anzali port complex in the first quarter of Iranian calendar year increased by 75% compared to the same period last year, also the volume of container loading and unloading in Gilan ports has increased by 46%.
Quarterly loading, unloading of goods up 7% in Iranian ports
Loading and unloading of goods in the ports of Iran rose seven percent during the first quarter of the current Iranian calendar year, as compared to the first quarter of the previous year, the deputy head of Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (MPO) announced.
16 mega project to be operationalized by PMO
the Managing Director of PMO: The President will issue an order to operate 16 mega projects of this organization on July 15. about 6 thousand 876 billion Rls. and 87.9 million euros, as well as more than 382 billion Rls. by the private sector, have been invested in new projects of the Ports and Maritime Organization.
Iran, India to consider reciprocal tariff incentives for the development of maritime trade
at the 10th meeting of the Joint Committee on Port-Maritime Cooperation between Iran and India, issues related to the Indian contract in Chabahar port were reviewed and emphasis was placed on accelerating the fulfillment of the Indian side's commitments in this port.
IAPH urges maritime collaboration to ensure supply chain connectivity
Incoming International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) President Subramaniam Karuppiah has said maritime infrastructure is vital to keeping the global supply chain flowing and called upon stakeholders to collaborate more closely.
BIMCO Expects World Fleet Will Grow at Slower Pace in the Next 5 Years
Despite the recent flurry of construction orders coming primarily in the containership and gas carrier segments, BIMCO in its new analysis of global shipbuilding in forecasting a slowing growth rate for the world’s fleet in the next five years compared to the last five years.
A new container transport solution aims to reduce environmental impact and congestion at ports.
Imam Khomeini port; the main hub for the basic commodities
The head of the Roads and Transportation Organization: Since the beginning of this year, 6 million and 200 thousand tons of basic goods have been transited from the country's ports to destinations throughout the country.
IMO creates new carbon intensity rating system in latest green drive
The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has adopted a new series of key mandatory measures to cut carbon emissions in container shipping, including a ship rating system to measure carbon intensity.
joint meeting: Iran and Oman emphasize on increasing maritime and port cooperation
At the joint meeting of the officials of the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran and Oman, the two sides emphasized on increasing joint maritime and port cooperation in order to increase trade between the two countries.
279% growth in export from the western ports of Hormozgan province
the performance of Lengeh Port and West Hormozgan Ports in the first quarter compared to the same period last year, shows a 137% increase in unloading and loading and a 279% increase in exports of oil and non-oil goods.
The winners of the IAPH 2021 World Ports Sustainability Awards have been announced.
PMO’s Initial agreement with the extension of the exploitation license of 7 offshore structures
The Director General of Coasts and Ports of the Ports and Maritime Organization announced the agreement to extend the exploitation license of 7 offshore structures in the northern and southern ports of the country.
Developing Integrated Renewable Energy Systems for Ships
Eco Marine Power (EMP) is a Japan-based technology company focusing on the development of renewable energy solutions for commercial ships.
Northern European Ports Target Shore Power for Large Containerships
Faced with growing calls to improve the environment around major ports and with pending EU regulatory actions requiring ships to reduce emissions while in port, five of Northern Europe’s largest port authorities announced a joint effort focusing on increasing the use of onshore power supply for ships at berth.
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