Finnish Project Seeks Breakthrough Clean Propulsion Technology
A consortium of Finnish research organizations along with companies in the maritime, motor and battery sectors, are working together researching new solutions for clean and efficient marine and off-road transport.
European Project Focuses on Greening Seaport Operations
An international consortium of 46 partners, led by the Port of Antwerp, is launching a new program focusing on the greening of Europe’s seaports.
UN Launches Tool for Global Brands to Protect Seafarer Human Rights
A collation of United Nations organizations joining with international labor leaders and members of the shipping community launched a new due diligence tool for global brands to use to ensure that they are protecting the human rights of seafarers across their supply chains.
Asian Ports Dominate New Container Terminal Efficiency Index
Yokohama port in Japan has been ranked as the most efficient port in the world in a new index in which Asian ports dominate.
Singapore Supports Tests of Shore-to-Ship Drone Operations
Singapore is moving forward with a novel way of making deliveries to vessels at anchor in its harbor.
Development of a new Port Management Information System (PMIS) will boost efficiency at an African port.
Panama Canal to Become Carbon Neutral by 2030
The Panama Canal has set out to decarbonize its operations, with a target to become carbon neutral by 2030.
Is the Arctic an alternative to the Suez Canal?
A lack of infrastructure and continued opposition on environmental grounds mean the Arctic is unlikely to see commercial shipping in the near future, according to carriers and operators, despite the congestion caused by the grounding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal.
Five ports in Malaysia will undergo a digital transformation to improve operational efficiency.
MSC Set to Overtake Maersk as the World's Largest Container Line
Taking into account MSC's new orders, as well as the company's active involvement in the secondhand tonnage market, it can be said that it is all set to overtake Maersk on a capacity basis sometime next year, becoming the largest container line in the world.
Plans to build Australia’s first ‘green’ port are underway.
Crowley Previews Design of All-Electric, Autonomous Tug
Crowley's Engineering Services division announced Monday that it has completed the design of the first fully electric tugboat with autonomous technology - a new green option for ship assist and harbor services.
First Vessel Receives DNV Notation for Quiet Underwater Operations
The first merchant ship has officially received a notation on its class registration regarding its ability to reduce and eliminate underwater noise during its operations.
China Takes Steps in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Development
China took a step forward in the race to develop commercial hydrogen technology for the shipping industry.
European ports are preparing for increased traffic following the refloating of the ‘Ever Given’ ship and the reopening of the Suez Canal.
Korean Register and Hyundai to Collaborate on Environmental Solutions
In a further step to strengthen the competitive position of the South Korean shipbuilding industry, the Korea Register of Shipping and Hyundai Heavy Industries Group announced a strategic alliance designed to address the future challenges of environmental regulations.
Mundra Edges Out JNPT to Become India's Busiest Container Port
Container volumes handled by Mundra Port in the Indian state of Gujarat expanded by 18 percent in its 2021 fiscal year, overtaking Mumbai's Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT).
Panama Canal Postpones Planned Transit Booking Fee Hike
The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) will postpone its planned price hike on transit booking fees which were due to come into effect tomorrow.
First Test of Biofuel in Singapore Conducted by BHP and Oldendorff
The first marine trial using biofuel aboard an ocean-going bulk vessel was completed earlier this month in Singapore.
Suez Canal Authority Holding Ever Given Over $916 Million Compensation Claim
A ship that blocked the Suez Canal for almost a week in March is being held in the waterway as canal authorities pursue a $916 million compensation claim against the ship’s Japanese owner, one of the vessel’s insurers and canal sources said on Tuesday.