Shahid Rajaee Turns into a "Green Port"
After the finalization of the memorandum with an international company, the Mechanized Mining-Rail Terminal in Shahid Rajaee Port will be constructed within three years and it will turns into a green port.
Iran Remains a Member of Advisory Committee at IMSO
Iran Remains a Member of Advisory Committee at the International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO)
Expansion of Port and Maritime Cooperation between Iran and India
A joint meeting was held with the Deputy Minister of Shipping and India’s main ports managers in order to develop specialized port and maritime cooperation with India.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cooperation to Increase Operations of Chabahar Port
Assistant Secretary of Foreign Minister and Director General of the West Asian states department: Chabahar is a low-cost and efficient route for the transfer of commodities to neighboring countries.
Amirabad Port; a Transit Hub from Turkmenistan to India
Director of Amirabad Port: The first shipment of chemical fertilizer from Turkmenistan reached Amirabad port.
PMO Six-Month Report on Maritime Affairs
Deputy Director of Maritime Affairs in the Ports and Maritime Organization: Over the past six months, the investment and capacity of passenger terminals have increased.
17% growth in exports of commodities from Khorramshahr port
"The export of commodities from Khorramshahr port complex increased by 17%," said the deputy director of the port and maritime administration of Khorramshahr
PMO to develop railroad links at Ports
Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization plans to Increase the share of rail transportation in ports up to 30 percent in next 5 years.
Increased Transit of Commodities to Neighboring Countries from Amirabad Port
Amir Abad port and maritime manager: The volume of exports from Amir Abad to neighboring countries has increased by 12 percent to 279 thousand and 39 tons.
13th ICOPMAS Conference in Tehran
The 13th International Conference on Coastal, Ports and Marine Structures (ICOPMAS 2018) will be held in Tehran, November 26-28.
Exports from Abadan Port Amplified up to 115 Percent, Mostly to Kuwait and Iraq
Abadan Ports and Maritime Manager: Exports of goods from Abadan port rose by 115%. Iraq and Kuwait have been the destination for most of the exports.
105% increase in container operations at Chabahar port
Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Sistan and Baluchestan province: Container operations in this port have increased by 105%. Oil and non-oil operations have also increased by 50%.
Iranimex 2018 to be held in December
Director General of Seafarers’ affairs and specialized international organizations: The international maritime exhibition will be held on the 26th to 28th of December in the Kish Island with the participation of all shipping companies, shipping services, port services and offshore industries.
Faster Clearance and Lower Rate of Deposition of Goods at Ports
The Director General of Port Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization announced that the speed of clearance process has increased and the rate of deposition of goods has decreased in ports over the past 15 days.
“Sunny” Ocean liner First voyage to Sharjah
The Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Hormozgan: Sunny Ocean liner has made her first voyage from Port of Shahid Bahonar in Bandar Abbas to Sharjah port, UAE
SAT-AIS system launch at Anzali Port
The SAT-AIS system (satellite tracker system and satellite locator for ships and vessels) was launched at Anzali Port.
PMO to create new container capacities in ports of Iran
Managing director of the Ports and Maritime Organization: We are looking for a larger share of the container shipping market in the region.
5.5 million tons of Petroleum products Export from Hormozgan Ports
Director General of Ports and Maritime of Hormozgan: during the first 5 months of this year, 40 million tons of goods were unloaded and loaded at the ports of Hormozgan province.
Passenger Lines Transportation to the Neighboring countries
PMO Deputy of maritime affairs: We are looking to increase the number of cruise ships for transportation at night.