No interruption in loading and unloading operations in Iranian Ports
PMO Managing Director: The operations related to unloading and loading of goods are carried out in compliance with the health protocols and in accordance with the instructions and decrees of the National committee for Combating Corona.
Minister of Roads and Urban Development: All Health Protocols are implemented in the country's ports
Today, all our ports are active, and trucks are queuing at ports to load basic goods and staples. Also, All Health Protocols are implemented in the country's ports, Said the Minister of Roads and Urban Development
Uninterrupted unloading of staples in Shahid Rajaee Port
In cooperation with the Railway Company and the Port Authority, it was possible to unload grain ships directly to the train wagon and to the destination city.
Nominal capacity of Shahid Rajaei port Increases
Increasing the nominal capacity of Shahid Rajaei port from 114 to 120 million tons and increasing the investment attraction of the non-governmental sector by concluding container and non-container contracts are the most important prospects for Hormozgan ports.
Shahid Rajaee Port Plan to Facilitate Export in the new year
Hormozgan Ports and Maritime Director General: Reducing the number of processes and facilitating exports is an important step towards realizing the new year plans.
27% growth in loading and unloading operation of staples at Imam Khomeini Port
In the staples sector, we experienced a 27% increase in the unloading and loading compared to the previous year, said the Director General of Khuzestan Ports and maritime office.
Strengthened Iran, India and Afghanistan trade by expanding transit through Shahid Beheshti Port
Strengthening trade between Iran, India and Afghanistan was one of the most important steps in expanding transit through Shahid Beheshti Port as well as the dredging of 800 thousand cubic meters during last year.
Unloading and loading of more than 5 million tons of cargo in Amirabad port
Unloading and loading of cargo at in Amirabad port Special Economic Zone reached more than 5 million tons this year.
Protective measures against Coronavirus for ports operations
Port Managers need to provide protective measures against Coronavirus for ports operations , including maritime and port activities, as well as port guard with grater care and attention, said the PMO managing director.
More than 2300 passengers transferred from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas
According to the plan, more than 2300 passengers were transferred from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas and all precautionary measures were taken to stop the spread of the Coronavirus in the port of Bandar Abbas, said the Manager of Shahid Bahonar Ports and Maritime
Ports Managers Conference: Emphasizing on Key Challenges in ports
The end-of-year meeting of the Board of Directors of the Port and Maritime Organization began with video conference, attended by the Managing director and members of the Board.
32% growth in import of non-oil cargo
In line with the growth and development of port operations in next year, the Ports and Maritime Organization is considering a series of measures to facilitate the process, said the Deputy of Port and Maritime Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization
Russia seeks to consider the potentials of Iran’s Territory in Eurasia Agreement
The Eurasia Agreement is an agreement on development plans for the country's northern ports, which could include the southern ports of Iran and the member states as well., said the Gilan Chamber of Commerce Advisor on Russian Affairs
First step to bring back Iranian passengers from Gulf states
Managing Director of PMO: In order to transport Iranian passengers from the ports of the Persian Gulf countries to Iran, the first step was taken as a 550-seater passenger ship headed to the port of Sharjah.
Growth in freight traffic in Khorramshahr Port
Working on trade and economic exchanges between Iranian and Iraqi ports and improving maritime transport to enhance trade between the two countries can be very effective, said the General Manager of Khorramshahr Port
IALA Diplomatic Conference in Malaysia begins
IALA Diplomatic Conference began this morning with a delegation from the Ports and Maritime Organization in Malaysia.
Transit of cargo through Chabahar facilitates
With the construction of access road of Chabahar Port, standard connecting conditions of Shahid Beheshti Port Development Plan Terminals were provided to the traffic route, said Behrouz Aghaei, Director General of Sistan and Baluchestan ports and maritime.
36000 Bn. Rial Worth of investment on Marine Industry Transformation Plan by PMO
Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) has allocated 36 trillion rials (about $857.2 million) of its budget resources for a program to develop the country’s maritime industry
The 27th Conference on Coordination of Iranian Maritime Organizations
The 27th Conference on Coordination of Iranian Maritime Organizations was held under the slogan "Balanced Development of the Maritime Industry ensures Sustainable Development" and was attended by a group of senior managers of maritime organizations and maritime activists.
7.5 Percent growth in number of ocean liners calling Iranian Ports
By mid-February, 130 million tonnes of goods were unloaded and unloaded at commercial ports across the country, which shows up to 7.5 percent increase in year-on-year comparison. Said the Managing director of PMO