Increase in Capacity of Iranian Ports from 19 to 234 Million Tons
“The capacity of the ports of the country was 19 million tons before the revolution, and today it is 234 million tons”, Said President Rouhani on the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution.
Imam Khomeini Port – Japan to expand business cooperation
Secretariat of Japan’s embassy in Iran visited this great harbor of the country with the aim of familiarizing with the advantages and capabilities of the complex of Imam Khomeini port.
47% Growth in Exports from Abadan Ports
Director of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Abadan announced a 47% increase in exports from Abadan, Arvandkenar and Chouebdeh Ports.
Construction of a 25 MW Power Plant in Noshahr Port
Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Mazandaran province announced the construction of a 25 Mega Watt power plant in the special economic zone of Noshahr with the participation of the private sector.
78% Growth in non-oil Transit in the Ports of Hormozgan
Director of Ports and Maritime office of Lengeh port announced an increase of 78 percent in non-oil transit, a 19 percent increase in safe passenger transport and an increase of 86 percent in container loading and unloading at ports in west of Hormozgan.
51% increase in car transit at ports
The director of ports and maritime at Lengeh port announced the transit of 100,000 vehicles and cars during the last nine months of this year through the port.
Rail Connectivity; A Key Factor in Promoting and Increasing Ports’ Competitiveness in the Country
“Railways development and rail connectivity help to improve the eminence of ports and provide good competitive advantages.” - Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization.
Export of minerals and metal artifacts to Kuwait and Iraq through Khorramshahr Port
“Export of goods and commodities from Khorramshahr port has increased by 16% over the past 10 months” - Director General of Khorramshahr port
Iran-Australia to Extend Joint Ports and Maritime Cooperation
“Australia is ready for joint investment in the ports and maritime sector with cooperation of Hormozgan province in Iran.” – Mr. Ian Biggs, Australian ambassador in Iran
Great Results for Iranian Ports in Non-oil exports
“The Ports and Maritime Organization supports the establishment of passenger shipping lines, especially between ports of Iran and neighboring countries.”, Said Managing Director of Ports and Maritime organization.
Infrastructure Development in the southern ports of Iran
“Clearance processes in Abadan ports are expected to be accelerated in collaboration with relevant organizations and authorities.”, Said Managing Director of Ports and Maritime organization.
PMO Managing Director felicitating New Year
Mohammad Rastad, The Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization Congratulated the Beginning of year 2019
Growth of Exports to Iraq from Port of Abadan
“Loading and unloading operations in three ports of Abadan have increased by 8% over the past nine months.” Said Reza Safari, Director of Abadan ports and maritime office.
Imam Khomeini Turns into a 4th Generation Port
“Since the beginning of this year and despite the illegal and unlawful sanctions, five contracts have been signed in various areas in Imam Khomeini port.” Said Director General of Ports and Maritime of Khuzestan Province.
Chabahar: A Proper Connection point for Iran, India, Afghanistan an South Eurasia
“Chabahar Port is the gateway of the nations and the most suitable point of connection between Iran, South Eurasia, India and Afghanistan.” Said Mr. Deepak Mittal, Director of India Ministry of External Affairs.
Development of Chabahar Port, a Successful model in the supply chain of commodities
“Chabahar is one of the most important and strategic ports of Iran for transit and trade of commodities between the countries of India, Afghanistan and other countries of the region, especially the CIS countries.” Said the Deputy of Port and Economic Affairs of Ports and Maritime Organization
Accession of New Countries to Chabahar Agreement
‘The agreement has been signed in the form of a memorandum so that other countries also join this corridor agreement” said Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization.
IRANIMEX 2018: Iran International Maritime & Offshore technologies Exhibition
“IRANIMEX 2018 will be held in Kish Island from December 17 to December 19, with participation of 230 private and public companies, including 18 international companies.” Said the head of the Secretariat for the coordination of marine organizations.
Iran-Indonesia to Develop Port Cooperation
‘We will inform Indonesian Investors about the investment capacities of Abadan ports” said Indonesia ambassador to Iran.
Tehran to Host the 4th meeting on the Caspian Sea Marine Safety
The 4th meeting on consideration of cooperation in the field of maritime safety in Caspian Sea will be held in Tehran on December 10 -11.