Staples to be imported through Chabahar Port
The two state-owned stewards of “Iranian Trading Company’ and “livestock support’ have been ordered to supply, load and unload their staple cargoes and ships through Chabahar port, said the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce.
Iran, Turkmenistan; to establish a Joint Shipping Line
Agreements have been reached to establish a joint shipping line between Iran and Turkmenistan, said the minister of road and urban development.
PMO’s major step toward Domestic Maritime Industry Support
We must realize the motto of “Iranian fleet, Iranian Seafarers” by utilizing our maritime capabilities, said the minister of road and urban development.
IMO Secretary-General: Empowering women in maritime isn't just an idea or a concept
Establishment of Manufacturing Industries in Hinterlands, a priority for PMO
Most pressure has been felt in the country caused by economic tensions, but the seafarers proved that by their own efforts, no danger could threaten the maritime sector, said the Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization.
Weekly Direct transit of cargo between Indian Ports and Chabahar port
With the establishment of shipping lines, it became possible to transit goods directly between the ports of India and Chabahar on a weekly basis, said the Director General of Ports and maritime of Sistan and Baluchestan .
27% growth in cargo loading in Imam Khomeini Port
The loading of staple goods and livestock into warehouses of the Imam Port Complex has increased by 4%, said the Deputy of Port and Economic Affairs of Khuzestan Ports and Maritime Administration.
59% growth of General Cargo Loading Operation in Khorramshahr port
More than 738,483 tons of non-oil goods were loaded in the port of Khorramshahr, which shows an increase of 59% compared to the same period last year.
Increase in Number of Ocean liners Calling Iranian Ports
"The service is being provided at the highest possible level to the shipping lines owned by different countries and companies," said the Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization, emphasizing that the highest standards of safety of entry, exit and traffic of ships of different countries are ensured.
Kyrgyzstan; Ready to transport cargos through Chabahar port
Kyrgyzstan is ready to transport its export and import cargos through Chabahar port, said Kyrgyz ambassador to Tehran
More than 2 times growth of container operations in Amirabad Port
During the last 4 months, Container unloading and loading operations at Amirabad port had 2 times growth compared to the same period last year.
20% increase in cargo handling operations at Chabahar Port
The Director General of the ports and maritime of Sistan and Baluchistan announced the economic, marine, technical, and maintenance priorities of the ports of the province in 2019-2020
11 new investment contracts in Chabahar port
Due to the increase in annual loading and unloading capacity of Chabahar port, this port offers great investment opportunities, said the Director General of Ports and Maritime of Sistan and Baluchestan
Afghanistan's first private sector office opens in Chabahar
The first private sector office of Afghan traders opened in Shhaid Beheshti port of Chabahar, said the Director General of Ports and Maritime of Sistan and Baluchestan
6700 billion Rials Investment in Amirabad Port
“A new transit corridor will be formed on the axis of Amirabad - Dogharoon - Chabahar.”, Said Amirabad ports and maritime Manager.
IMS International Certificate for Shahid Bahonar and Haqqani Ports
The 16th international inspection of the Integrated Management System (IMS) in this maritime complex was implemented successfully.
Development of Infrastructure and Dredging of Hormuz Multipurpose Port
Hormoz's multipurpose port dredging project was placed on the agenda of the General Directorate of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Hormozgan province.
PMO Consents to Construct a Recreational Harbor in Mazandaran
“The Ports and Maritime Organization consented to the construction and of a recreational harbor in Mazandaran province”, said the Director General of Ports and Maritime of Mazandaran Province.
PMO Supports Marine Tourism Development in Abu Musa
Drafting a comprehensive plan for strategic development of the islands of the country by the Specialized task force of Coasts, Islands, and Ports will be carried out over the next two months which is the basis for the development of the islands of Iran.
Chabahar Port; a Golden Gate for India to Access CIS Countries
Given the 30% growth in trade between Iran and India and the increase in business activities, we give priority to what we have pledged in our joint contracts, said Ambassador of India to Iran.