Iran-Indonesia to Develop Port Cooperation
‘We will inform Indonesian Investors about the investment capacities of Abadan ports” said Indonesia ambassador to Iran.
Tehran to Host the 4th meeting on the Caspian Sea Marine Safety
The 4th meeting on consideration of cooperation in the field of maritime safety in Caspian Sea will be held in Tehran on December 10 -11.
MSC 100: Iran to Collaborate with France and Sweden on Revision of SOLAS
The 100th session of Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) was held with the attendance of the Iranian delegation represented by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the member states of the IMO in London in.
Construction of LPG Storage Tanks at Chabahar Port
The operationalizing of three investment projects will begin in Shahid Beheshti port of Chabahar this week.
63% increase in exports of commodities from Abadan ports
The director of ports and maritime affairs of Abadan reported an increase of 63 percent in exports of commodities from the ports of Abadan.
An Overview of Indian’s Operations in Chabahar
“All activities and operations related to investments in Chabahar port are being carried out by the Iran’s port and maritime Organization and the Indian side.” Said Saurabh Kumar, India’s ambassador in Tehran.
Review: ICOPMAS 2018
60 foreign participants from 30 countries attended the 13th International Conference on Ports, Coasts and Marine Structures.
IMO Secretary-General Message on ICOPMAS 2018
“The overall aim for ICOPMAS fits perfectly with our own theme, acknowledging as it does the trends, developments and challenges that the maritime community can expect to meet in the coming decade.” – Kitack Lim, IMO Secretary-General
PMO Managing Director: Iran is Advanced in Marine Engineering and Construction
“Iran is among the most self-sufficient and advanced countries in the field of engineering and construction of offshore structures” said Managing director of the Ports and Maritime Organization
Iran Attended the 121st Session of IMO Council
“No distinction should be made to countries for commercial maritime shipping activities”, Said Mohammad Rastad, the Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization at IMO Council meeting.
ICOPMAS 20018 to be held in Tehran
The international Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures will be held in Tehran on November 26th – 28th
Statement of the Ports and Maritime Organization  Regarding the Technical and Safety Status of the Iranian National Fleet
The Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO), the competent maritime administration and port authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran, would like to clarify the status and stance of the Iranian maritime sector in guaranteeing maritime safety and security, and protecting the marine environment
The Tallest Marine Control Tower in Iran to be constructed at Chabahar Port
The process to construct the tallest marine control tower and State Marine Authority Building will commence.
Establishing LNG Terminals at the Ports of the Country
“The focus of the Ports and Maritime Organization is on the construction of LNG terminals at Shahid Rajaee and Shahid Beheshti ports.” Said Deputy of Port and Economic Affairs of Ports and Maritime Organization.
Iran cooperates with the international maritime organization
Top European commission official , Maja Bakran Marcich said on Monday that Iran is actively involved with international cooperation within maritime sector.
Expansion of Port and Maritime Cooperation with EU Countries
“I hope with the proper relations with the EU, cooperation in ports and maritime sector grows day by day”, Said Managing director of PMO at Logistics workshop attended by 16 representatives of the European Union.
Development of Port-Based Cooperation with Republic of Korea
Three investment agreements were signed with the Korean investor delegation visiting Bushehr Port.
PMO Hosts the Workshop on Ports, Maritime and Logistics
The Workshop on Ports, Maritime and Logistics will be held in Tehran with the attendance of 16 senior EU transport division officials on November 12th and 13th.
30,000 Billion Rs. Worth of Investment by Private Sector at Shahid Rajaee Port
Deputy Director of Port and Economic Affairs of Ports and Marine Organization announced the signing of an investment contract at Shahid Rajaee Port worth 30,000 billion Rial as one of the largest contracts with the private sector over the coming weeks.
21% growth in non-oil exports in the ports of western Hormozgan
The export of agricultural products and livestock in the ports of western Hormozgan has reached 186,924 tons, which represents a 21% increase in this region.