36000 Bn. Rial Worth of investment on Marine Industry Transformation Plan by PMO
Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) has allocated 36 trillion rials (about $857.2 million) of its budget resources for a program to develop the country’s maritime industry
The 27th Conference on Coordination of Iranian Maritime Organizations
The 27th Conference on Coordination of Iranian Maritime Organizations was held under the slogan "Balanced Development of the Maritime Industry ensures Sustainable Development" and was attended by a group of senior managers of maritime organizations and maritime activists.
7.5 Percent growth in number of ocean liners calling Iranian Ports
By mid-February, 130 million tonnes of goods were unloaded and unloaded at commercial ports across the country, which shows up to 7.5 percent increase in year-on-year comparison. Said the Managing director of PMO
Bangladesh Shows Interest in Maritime Trade with Chabahar Port
Bangladesh Ambassador to Iran: Bangladesh is interested to establish maritime trade by launching a direct and continuous shipping line to Chabahar port.
25% Growth in Cargo handling in Khorramshahr Port
Director Manager of Khorramshahr Port and Maritime: More than 5 million tons of cargo was loaded at Khorramshahr Port Complex.
Qataris express interest in investing in Bandar Kangan Port marine tourism
Qatari investors expressed interest in investing in Bandar Kangan marine tourism.
50% growth in unloading and loading of cargo in Noshahr port
In collaboration with the executives, 300 trucks were processed in and out of the port of Noshahr in one day, a new record given the recent five-year operation.
Iran, Syria Ink MoU on Ports and Maritime Cooperation
At the sixth meeting of the Iran-Syria Joint Committee on Port and Maritime Cooperation, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Mohammed Rastad, the managing Director of PMO and the Syrian Deputy Minister of Maritime Transport.
PMO to develop Bushehr Marine Tourism Capacity
Maritime Deputy of the Ports and Maritime Organization announced the readiness of the Ports and Maritime Organization in the development of marine tourism capacities in Bushehr.
The ICOPMAS 2020 to be held in Tehran
The 14th International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures (ICOMAS 2020) will be held in Tehran next December.
PMO; ready to Provide appropriate mechanisms for Anzali Port’s capacities
Mohamad Rastad, Managing director pf PMO: The Ports and Maritime Org. is ready to develop appropriate mechanisms for ytilizing the capabilities of the Anzali Port.
Operational and logistical capacity of Chabahar Port Improves
Improving the operational and logistical capacity of the Chabahar Port is a top priority for Chabahar Port Development Plans, said the Director General of Sistan and Baluchestan ports and maritime
Parl. okays attachment of Shahid Kalantari, Beheshti ports to CFZ
Iranian Parliament agreed with the attachment of ports of Shahid Kalantari and Shahid Beheshti to Chabahar Free Industrial-Trade Zone (CFZ).
Warehouse capacity, standards to be elevated in Chabahar Port
Through construction of new warehouses and also renovating the existing ones, warehouse capacity and standards are planned to be elevated in Iran’s southeastern port of Chabahar, according to the head of Ports and Maritime Department of Sistan-Baluchestan Province
44% growth in unloading and loading of cargo in Noshahr port
The unloading and loading of cargo in the Special Economic Zone of Noshahr Port has increased by 44% over the first nine months of this solar year, said the Director General of Mazandaran Ports and Maritime.
Iran ensures security of foreign trade ships
Foreign trade ships that transport goods to Iran can be confident that there will be no problem for their movement and there is no obstacle for their arrival in the country, said Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development.
31% growth in staples unloading rate in Imam Khomeini Port
Loading and unloading of staples in the port of Imam Khomeini in the first nine months of this year has increased by 31% and over 12 million tons, Said the Director General of Khuzestan Ports and maritime.
Multilateral transport on the agenda of Gilan ports
Connecting Anzali Port to national Railways is an Important Issue Emphasized by the minister of road and urban development, said the General Manager of Gilan Province Ports and Maritime administration
48% Increase in Cargo Operation in Chabahar Port
By the end of December, the unloading and loading operations have increased by 48% in chabahar Port. Said the Director General of Sistan and Baluchestan ports and maritime
Iran, India to expand transit co-op through Chabahar port
Iranian Transport and Urban Development Minister Mohammad Eslami and Indian Minister of External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishankar met on Monday in Tehran to discuss expansion of transport and transit cooperation between the two countries, especially through Chabahar port