The most strategic gateway to free waters

Chabahar is Iran's closest and best access point to the Indian Ocean. For this reason, Chabahar is the focal point of Iranian development of the east of the country through expansion and enhancement of transit routes among countries situated in the northern part of the Indian Ocean and Central Asia. Growing commercial sector located at free trade area with high potentiality to turn to a place that would connect business growth centers in south Asia (India) and Middle East to central Asian and Afghanistan market.


There is no limit to investment in Chabahar
“There is no limit to the investment of domestic and foreign companies in Chabahar port.” Said Moham
Chabahar Conference: An Opportunity to Introduce Port Development Capacities
“The international conference on development of Chabahar with the aim of introducing operational cap
Direct transit from Chabahar port
‘The second Liner ship arrived to Chabahar directly from the ports of India”,said Director General o
Indian gov't to Spend USD 21Million on Chabahar port
India's government was announced to have set aside USD21 million in this year's budget as expenditur
Iran to Host Chabahar Day Event on Feb. 26th
A total of 200 foreign guests from 35 different countries have been invited to attend the Chabahar D
Oman ready to invest in Iran’s Chabahar port
The Omani ambassador to Tehran said Sun. that the government and private sector of Oman are ready to


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