Integrated Coastal Zone Monitoring (ICZM)

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Integrated Coastal Zone Monitoring (ICZM)
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The Ports and Maritime Organization, in accordance with its legal duties and responsibilities, including the legal bylaws of the Organization approved by the Consultative Assembly and the Additional Note approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, ‌ is responsible for issuing permits for construction and operation of offshore structures and facilities. Based on the governance duties and tasks assigned in the third and fourth development laws, this organization, for the first time in the country and the region, prepared the ICZM plan of Iran with the participation of 18 ministries and related agencies during 8 years, the results of which were approved in 2010.
The main output of the studies of the integrated coastal management plan to be presented to the governors is as follows:
1- Presenting user maps of provinces in a scale of 1: 25000
2- Preparing and sending DSS decision support software
3- Providing training to provincial managers and experts
In the notification No. 91/300/34612  of the Supreme Council of Architecture and Urban Planning regarding the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (ICZM), items such as verifying the user map of the provinces at a scale of 1: 5000was presented
"Formation of the Committee for Organizing and Managing the Coasts" and training of managers and experts of the provinces has been included by the Ports and Maritime Organization.
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Laws and regulations of the coastal areas of the country
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