Issuance of licenses for construction and operation of offshore structures and facilities

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Issuance of licenses for construction and operation of offshore structures and facilities
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Licensing Committee of Marine Structures includes: Chairman, Secretary and experts of competent consultants with expertise and experience in safety, marine environmental protection, port affairs, equipment and vessels engineering, marine affairs, coastal engineering affairs, marine structural engineering affairs.
Service Required Documents
The required documents vary depending on the type of user and the type of license. Examples include the following:
Images equal to the original articles of association and the official newspaper of the latest changes of the company - Applicant's request - Map to determine the location of the project in the scale of 25000: 1( On the maps published by the surveying organization) - Sketch of the desired land considering its dimensions - Initial location On a marine map with a scale of 5000: 1( with a readable figure for the water depth of the area) - Satellite image of the location of the project area in which neighboring structures are specified - Technical and economic justification report, feasibility and cost estimate of the project, considering up to dated prices in the the zone (private sector applicants) - Preliminary schedule for the implementation of the project - Approval of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization with validity (related to applicants for construction of platform, pier or recreational port) - Approval of validated provincial fisheries department Private sector for fishery projects) - Principal agreement from the Organization of Industries and Mines for industrial workshops (valid)  - Executive plans (Phase 2) including location plan, longitudinal and transverse sections, (If the plan is approved by the Marine Structures Licensing Committee, it is necessary to submit two series of drawings at the time of issuance of the construction permit) - Study reports including: Estimation of project cost including price list and quantities, project implementation schedule, calculation book, studies, Hydrodynamics, sedimentation, geotechnics and field measurements, morphology, rock mining, vessel traffic safety and dredging (including maps) - Approval of NAJA Naval Command - Approval of General Department of Natural Resources of the province
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