rules and regulations related to coastal and marine constructions

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rules and regulations related to coastal and marine constructions
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Considering that the Ports and Maritime Organization, according to the law, as the main custodian of the coasts and the sea in the country, is responsible for issuing permits for any coastal and marine construction. The instructions for designing coastal structures were provided, and in this regard, specialized working groups were formed and led to monitor and update the above instructions on the agenda of the organization with the participation of bodies, universities, and companies of consulting engineers and contractors. Subsequently, in order to perform the duties and responsibilities assigned by law, a "specialized working group on technical and executive criteria and standards of coastal and marine structures of the country" was established
In order to achieve the lofty goals of the subject for the working group, the following measures have been taken so far:
-Preparing and compiling the executive regulations of the working group and approving them
-Forming 2 specialized committees with the titles of technical committee and executive committee as the expert arm of the working group (under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Coastal and Port Engineering and the General Directorate of Civil Engineering)
-Prioritization process of 11 volumes of coastal structures design guidelines
-The process of preparing and compiling the service description of the breakwater type as the first set of service descriptions of coastal structures
-Prepare and compile instructions for measuring marine characteristics
-The process of preparing and adjusting the price list of marineprojects
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Circular dated 20/6/2012, Vice President for Strategic Planning
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