Port and Maritime Organization Statement on "Arresting of the commercial ship flying the flag of Marshal Islands"

Port and Maritime Organization Statement on "Arresting of the commercial ship flying the flag of Marshal Islands"

Following the release of the news for arresting a commercial ship with Marshal Island Flag, in the media inside and outside the country, the Port and Maritime Organization of Iran issued a statement for clearing the public's mind. On April 28, 2015 a ship belonging to MAERSK lines was arrested according to the Legal Court of Tehran and stopped after being transferred to Shahid Bahonar Port area in Bandarabbas Port .

The verdict was issued according to the legal claim by a private company named Pars Talaee Oil Production Company against MAERSK shipping .This claim was presented in the legal courts during the last years as a lawsuit and after following the procedures for proceedings, having received the plea from both parties and asking for reconsideration of the issue, the final verdict was issued by the concerned court of competent jurisdiction and the  MAERSK Lines was condemned to pay for the financial loss for the plaintiff according to the final enforceable verdict.

This verdict has been notified to Port and Maritime Organization as the maritime authority and was implemented by the operational forces.

It has to be mentioned that this issue has a legal aspect and relating it to political issues could be due to unawareness of the regulations and the case.

It is worth saying that Port and Maritime Organization is not a beneficiary in this regard and has not demanded a lawsuit against the said company. Moreover, regarding the nature of this issue and the fact that the detained ship is now in guard of the legal authority, its release is possible according to the judicial verdict.

This Organization has always put its effort for the exact implementation of  the domestic and international rules and has provided the necessary facilities for the safe shipping lines within the framework of international standards and hopes that within the above framework the issue will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Apr 29, 2015 22:31
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