Statement of Ports and Maritime Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran on Release of Maersk Line Ship

Following the arrestment of the vessel Maersk Tigris under the final judicial order for the legal case between Pars Talaeeyeh Company and Maersk Shipping Line, the Ports and Maritime Organization conferred with the Maersk Shipping Line and ensured the provision of a letter of guarantee for the enforcement of the judicial decision in this respect in the framework of mutual cooperation between the two countries, and the confidence to the good will of transport entities in fulfilling their obligations towards their clients. With the coordination and cooperation of other relevant enforcement and operational bodies, the required judicial permission was achieved and the mentioned vessel was finally released on 7 may 2015.

It must be mentioned that this vessel was arrested in the Iranian territorial waters following the court verdict against the vessel only, and crew of the vessel had not been subject to any restrictions from leaving the port or the country, comply with international rules, under any circumstances.

The International Maritime Organization, responsible for preparing and approving international standards for safe and secure shipping in the waterways of the world, has always declared the ports and waterways of the Islamic Republic of Iran as unproblematic, and the Ports and Maritime Organization, as well as all other Iranian executive bodies have concentrated their efforts in providing satisfactory services to shipping lines and cargo owners active in the ports and waters of this country.

In the end, the Ports and Maritime Organization would like to express cordial gratitude to the judicial, operational and executive officials of the country in order to ensure the realization of rights for all Iranian nationals.


                                                     International Affairs and Public Relations

                                                            Ports and Maritime Organization


Thursday May 7, 2015