Iran & Kazakhstan Concluded Five Maritime Cooperation Agreements

Through negotiations of high-ranking Iranian and Kazakh delegations, five memoranda of cooperation, agreements and investment contracts were concluded.
Iran & Kazakhstan Concluded Five Maritime Cooperation Agreements

According to the Director General for Tariffs and International Treaties of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO), the Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Kazakhstan were two important littoral States of the Caspian Sea with crucial roles in east-west transit activities, and had reached agreements under their interest in strengthening ties in promoting the quality of navigation and shipping, as well as protecting the marine environment in that shared body of water.

Dr. Khosro Sarayi added: "These agreements cover all commercial seagoing vessels, registered to operate under the flags and legislations of the two countries, and would not be applied to military, fishing, medical, research and other types of public vessels with non-commercial purposes."

As objectives of the mentioned agreements, he counted planning for and expanding bilateral relations in regard to maritime transport; facilitating maritime trades in the Caspian Sea, under principles of equality and mutual benefits; coordinating shipping activities in the Caspian Sea; and assisting flourish of commercial and economic ties between the littoral States.

Apr 3, 2017 10:27
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