Ship Bunkering Advantages in Chabahar Port

Thanks to its easy access to free waters and being located on the main route of navigation into the Persian Gulf and Strait Hormuz for countless commercial vessels and oil tankers, Chabahar Port has created a unique position for Iran in the region. Thus vessels sailing toward Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Bahrain would have pass through the Gulf of Oman, near Chabahar Port, and that has created one of the heaviest maritime traffic volumes in this area.
Ship Bunkering Advantages in Chabahar Port

The port is well outside the Strait of Hormuz, and its shorter distance for exporting crude oil and chemical products from Iran to Eastern Asia and Europe (which saves 2 to 3 days of navigation), as well as the demands of India, Pakistan and China for energy and marine fuels are the significant advantages of Chabahar for providing bunkering services. Another prominent competitive merit of this port would be its provision of bunkering industry.

Chabahar Port is best suited for harboring such services, since it has berths with a depth 16 meters and is able to receive super-post-Panamax vessels.

Considering the recent developments, and preparation of infrastructures for maritime industries in Mokran Coasts, especially Chabahar Port, promoted cooperation between Iran and neighboring States, as well as Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) region, and the existence of huge investments in regard to petrochemical and steel industries under long-term plans of the country, adequate economic motivation has been offered for interested entities to enter the nascent bunkering industry in this area. Together with the rich oil reserves of the country, bunkering would become another advantage for this strategic Iranian port over the ports of other regional States.


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