MEPC Welcomes Iranian Proposals

The Permanent Representative of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) announced that the Iranian proposals were welcome by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), and international marine environmental regulations were agreed to be amended.
MEPC Welcomes Iranian Proposals

She elaborated about the 72nd MEPC Meeting: "Three expert working groups were held during this meeting on ballast water management, developing the IMO's initial strategy for reducing emission of greenhouse gases (GHG), and implementing the requirements for energy efficiency and air pollution prevention."

As for the results achieved by the mentioned working groups during MEPC 72, Ms. Mandana Mansoorian elaborated that the proposals made by the Iranian Delegation were commended, and the existing regulations for marine environment protection were decided to be amended accordingly.

She then recalled the significant achievements and active participation of the Iranian Delegation in the working groups: "The document proposed by Iran on recording pump operations for ballast water exchange through connecting them to the GPS system on board ships was supported by MEMAC Regional Organization and a number of States, and referred to MEPC 73."

PMO's Permanent Representative at IMO continued: "In regard with energy efficiency and air pollution prevention, and the requirement of MARPOL Annex VI for using low-sulfur marine fuels from 1 January 2020, Iran announced a statement asking for postponing the enforcement date for 0.5 percent sulfur content, in order to provide ample time for parties to comply with the requirements through producing low-sulfur compliant fuels by their refining sectors."

She further stated that in the working group related to GHG emissions, the Iranian Delegation had also participated by commenting and assisting the process for developing the IMO initial strategy, including assessment of the impact on different states, especially the developing countries, geographical distance to the sea, and economic feasibility, as well as social and economic development, which had been widely welcomed by the participants.

Ms. Mansoorian highlighted the emphasis of the Iranian Delegation on their position for opposing with the draft text of strategy regarding the time frame and degree (percentage) of reducing CO2 emitted by ships: "MEPC 72 agreed with the strategy framework, and it was agreed that the fourth meeting of the GHG Technical Group will work further on the issue."

The 72nd Meeting of the MEPC was held in the IMO Headquarters in London, England.


Jul 11, 2018 10:46
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