Great Results for Iranian Ports in Non-oil exports

“The Ports and Maritime Organization supports the establishment of passenger shipping lines, especially between ports of Iran and neighboring countries.”, Said Managing Director of Ports and Maritime organization.
Great Results for Iranian Ports in Non-oil exports

PMO News Portal - Mohammad Rastad, on his visit to Khorramshahr port, pointed out the overall capacity of 230 million tons in ports of the country and stated that this year, about 100 thousand tons of various supplies have been unloaded and loaded at ports which shows 10 percent of decrease compared to the same period last year. Regarding the mass, non-oil exports have been twice as high as non-oil imports, and our ports continue to be successful concerning the export of no-oil products.

Approximately 30 billion USD have been allocated for the reconstruction of the main hub of hinterland of Khorramshahr port, followed by one million and 400 thousand tons of non-oil exports from this port, which shows a 16% increase compared to the statistic last year. Over 170 billion USD worth of investment by the private sector has been carried out in the development of superstructures, container yards and terminal equipment, which currently are on final stages. With investments made, Khorramshahr Port will attract and enjoys a bigger share of shipping and maritime transport in the country.

Deputy Minister of Roads and urban planning, on the activities of passenger shipping lines in Khorramshahr port, elaborated that since this port already has a passenger terminal all set to service passenger ships, there are no infrastructure barriers in Khorramshahr port regarding marine passenger services. Establishing international shipping lines requires the shipping companies to make advisories in different countries to establish new lines.

Jan 5, 2019 11:48
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