Increase in Number of Ocean liners Calling Iranian Ports

"The service is being provided at the highest possible level to the shipping lines owned by different countries and companies," said the Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization, emphasizing that the highest standards of safety of entry, exit and traffic of ships of different countries are ensured.
Increase in Number of Ocean liners Calling Iranian Ports

PMO News Portal - Mohammad Rastad, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban development and Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization, said that the traffic flow in the ports of our country and in the areas under the sovereignty of our country is normal and according to schedule. He continued: Traffic figures in the ports are positive in terms of volume of unloading and loading operations, and several ships are waiting at the ports of Imam Khomeini, Shahid Rajaee and other ports.

The Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization emphasized that the traffic is quite normal in the waters, harbors and access routes of the Iranian ports. He continued: A large part of the fleet in the Iranian waters is foreign ships under the flag of different countries.

Rastad expressed that the highest standards are provided for the safety of the ships of different countries and the highest possible level of service is provided to the shipping lines of different countries and companies.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, referring to the amount of unloading and loading operations in Iranian ports since the beginning of this year, stated that  fortunately in the first four months of this year, the trend of unloading and loading of cargos in Iranian ports has been upward and the unloading and loading of non-oil goods has grown by 26%. In terms of exports of non-oil goods, the numbers were also growing.

Aug 4, 2019 11:56
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