25% Growth in Cargo handling in Khorramshahr Port

Director Manager of Khorramshahr Port and Maritime: More than 5 million tons of cargo was loaded at Khorramshahr Port Complex.
25% Growth in Cargo handling in Khorramshahr Port

PMO News Portal - Regarding the loading of cargo in Khorramshahr Port, Nooralah Asadi stated that more than 2121851 tons of cargo has been loaded at Khorramshahr port since the beginning of this year, which represents a 25% increase over the same period last year.

He continued: During the ten-month period of this year, 362 non-container vessels over 1,000 tons have been processed in the port of Khorramshahr which shows an increase of30% compared to the same period last year.

Director General of Khorramshahr Port and Maritime added: Multimodal transportation is one of the most important issues and it should be developed in Khorramshahr Port Complex.

He concluded: Since June last year, rail has been utilized to transport empty containers, and with the project of connecting the rail to the ports of Khorramshahr, we will see more investors and more traffic in this port complex.

Feb 10, 2020 09:18
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