Report: PMO Measures to combat Coronavirus

In order to prevent and fight the coronavirus, 50 actions have been taken by the Ports and Maritime Organization.
Report: PMO Measures to combat Coronavirus

PMO News Portal - Referring to the most important measures taken by PMO in various sectors to prevent and deal with the coronavirus, Changiz Javadpour stated that from the very beginning, instructions to care, diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus were communicated to all ports in the country and in order to deal with the spread of this virus in different sectors, the relevant activities were planned to be implemented.

Regarding the measures taken by the Ports and Maritime Organization, he continued: According to the instructions of care, diagnosis and treatment of corona from the Infectious Diseases Management Center of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education has been inquired and after obtaining approval, all ports were notified. also field visits to all ports regarding the status of preventive measures related to coronavirus and the functional status of border health centers (human quarantine) in the country's ports are being carried out.

The process of maritime operations, especially the process of passing vessels, sanitary control of ships and crew of vessels, the necessary measures before the ship entered the ports, were reviewed in accordance with the existing health conditions and all port were notified in this regard.

Allocation of financial resources to provide health care items

The increase in intra-organizational interactions was also considered through the convening of an emergency meeting of the Central Crisis Management committee. by reviewing and sharing valid scientific documents, allocating financial resources, the provision of health items, disinfectants and personal protective equipment required by the central headquarters and ports of the country was realized by Ports and maritime organization.

temperature check-ins and providing thermal camera to the country's ports

Estimating the ports' need for sanitary items, disinfectants and personal protective equipment in a one-week period and sending them to the Crisis Management Headquarters of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to follow up on their supply from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade are other measures taken by the Ports and maritime Organization.

Communication of the 7 health guides of the Ministry of Health to the ports

Request and follow up to receive some of the required health guidelines, such as specific ship disinfection guidelines, marine transportation control and health control instructions, and the need for health controls in ports with traditional vessels, fishing ports, oil rigs and ports located in Free trade-industrial zones were established by the Deputy Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.

Termination of face-to-face training courses and general meetings

Developing guidelines for controlling coronavirus in ships and communicating it to ports, providing health guidelines for protecting the health of seafarers in the face of Covid 19, as well as issuing maritime declarations and notifying maritime stakeholders and improve all administrative procedures, canceling face-to-face training courses and public meetings, holding necessary meetings online and using video conferencing, and closing all welfare centers are among the other measures taken by PMO.

Apr 4, 2020 16:25