The 6th Vessel Carrying Indian Wheat Aid to Aghanistan Berths at Chabahar Port

Behrouz Aghaee: The 6th Vessel Carrying a share of the 75 thousand cargo of Indian Wheat Aid to Afghanistan berthed at Chabahar Port and the unloading operation began immediately.
The 6th Vessel Carrying Indian Wheat Aid to Aghanistan Berths at Chabahar Port

PMO News Portal - The Kashan ship, carrying 355 20-foot containers, weighing approximately 8875 tons of wheat from India to Afghanistan, beethed at  the port of Shahid Beheshti on Friday, July 18, according to a pre-arranged schedule, and the unloading operations began immediately; said the Managing director of Sistan and Baluchestan Ports and Maritime.

Highlighting that this is the sixth shipment of 75,000 tons of humanitarian aid from Indian government to Afghanistan through Chabahar port, he added: "Since the beginning of this year, 38,500 tons of wheat in the form of five shipments have been processed through this strategic port and transported to Afghanistan via the Milk-Zaranj border.

Referring to the arrival of other shipments of Indian humanitarian aid to Afghanistan through” the Gate of Nations’ in the upcoming months, Aghaee acknowledged that While the economies of all countries are affected by the corona virus epidemic, we are experiencing an uprising trend in exports and imports in the port of Shahid Beheshti of Chabahar.

With the transportation of Indian wheat cargo to Afghanistan through Shahid Beheshti port and in order to increase exports volume and reduce transportation costs, containers carrying wheat cargo will be loaded with goods from Afghanistan to be transported to India through Chabahar port.  

The managing director of concluded and Maritime Affairs of Sistan and Baluchestan pointed that Chabahar port is the closest transit route for India to Afghanistan and other CIS countries.

Jul 19, 2020 12:51