28% of foreign transit; a new record for Chabahar Port

The Director General of Ports and Maritime of Sistan and Baluchestan announced the berthing of the eighth transit ship carrying wheat donated by India to Afghanistan in the port of Chabahar
28% of foreign transit; a new record for Chabahar Port

PMO News Portal - Behrouz Aghaei, stating that a new shipment of Indian humanitarian aid to Afghanistan weighing 75,000 tons arrived at the port of Shahid Beheshti to be transited to the destination, added: "Since April of this year, 53,000 tons of such cargo in of seven parts have arrived at the port of Chabahar.

He continued by stating that 80% of the cargo have been transited to Afghanistan after unloading and loading operations. The cargo has entered Shahid Beheshti Port of Chabahar from Kandla port to be transited to different provinces in Afghanistan through the transit corridor leading to Milak border.

Aghaei emphasized: By the end of August 2020, with the twentieth month of joint cooperation between the Indian and Iranian operators in Chabahar, incoming transit cargo through Shahid Beheshti port to Afghanistan accounted for 23% of the total container traffic of this port. The Indian private sector has begun the export of various commodity groups from Indian ports to Afghanistan through the port of Chabahar, so that last month the first batch of Indian sugar exports to Afghanistan in the form of 70 containers have been processed at the port of Chabahar.

Sep 6, 2020 09:02
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