58% Growth in Rail Transit in Amirabad Port

Director General of Ports and Maritime Amirabad: as the only port connected to the national railway network in the north of the country, plays an effective role in freight traffic in the region.
58% Growth in Rail Transit in Amirabad Port

PMO News Portal - Pointing out that the rail freight rate has been 33,734 tons since the beginning of this year, which shows a growth of 58% compared to 21,404 tons in the same period in 1998, Mohammad Ali Asl Saeedipour stated that Last year, 401 wagons arrived at the port to unload and load goods, while this year the number increased to 631 wagons.

construction materials with a volume of 24,738 tons, corn with a volume of 5,764 tons and metals with a volume of 2,243 tons have been the main cargo transported by wagon during this period.

Saeedipoor mentioned goods such as barley, corn, edible oil, construction and mineral goods and metals among cargoes with frequent unloading and loading operation during this period.

In the end, the Director General of Amirabad Ports and Maritime emphasized that this port has a share of more than 50% in the export, import, unloading and loading operation of goods among the northern ports and expressed hope that in the second half of this year, activities in the field of trade and transportation of goods will rise up.

Sep 12, 2020 12:31
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