PMO plans to revive the marine tourism in Lake Urmia

PMO’s managing director, referring to the decline of Lake Urmia water level over the past decade: Our priority in the port of Golmankhaneh and Sharafkhaneh is to create access to the water of Lake Urmia.
PMO plans to revive the marine tourism in Lake Urmia

PMO News Portal - In the meeting of the Council of Deputies of ports and maritime organization in Urmia port, Mohammad Rastad pointed out that instead of taking water to the shore, due to the unclear behavior of water level in Lake Urmia, creating an access bridge is a better solution due to less environmental compacts.

Rastad stated: Despite the fact that for a period of time, cargo and passenger transportation activities were carried out in this lake; But currently, considering the situation of the Urmia lake water level, creating an access bridge and reviving marine tourism is a big task.

Referring to the need for planning in this regard, Rastad added: the construction of a suitable recreational vessel in this lake is being considered by the Maritime Deputy.

PMO’s Managing director concluded: In case of creating an access bridge and implementing the study plan of Urmia port, PMO will provide special facilities for the construction of vessels to domestic investors.

Jul 4, 2021 10:04