Iranian port, Ready to welcome large ships

Managing Director of PMO: The 16 major port and maritime projects are being operationalized despite the fact that the country is facing the toughest sanctions and the spread of the Corona virus.
Iranian port, Ready to welcome large ships

PMO News Portal - at the ceremony of inauguration of the national development plans of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and operationalizing the 16 major projects of the Ports and maritime Organization, Mohammad Rastad today noted that The development of the container terminal of Shahid Rajaei port, which is ready to be exploited today, started in January 2017. Today, with 31 hectares of hinterland in Shahid Rajaei, the port can berth ships up to a capacity of 18,400 TEU.

He added: Today, the container fleet is seeking to operate on large ships, and therefore only ports with the capacity of accepting large container could remain in the game.

Referring to two suction dredgers in the country's maritime service fleet, Rastad said: the two modern dredgers are ready for operation, one for the waters of Hormozgan and Sistan and Baluchestan provinces and the other will be allocated for the waters of Khuzestan and Bushehr provinces.

The managing director of Ports and Maritime Organization, highlighted the attraction of private sector investment in ports, and said: The private sector investment is conducted within the form of BOT. so far, 340 contracts have been signed and 32,000 people are directly employed. 170,000 billion Rls. is the total amount of private sector investment, of which 70% has been realized.

Jul 17, 2021 12:51