Northern ports of the country; Significant capacity to develop relations with Shanghai Organization

More than 20 international ports and terminals on the Caspian Sea coast with an operating capacity of about 140 million tons offer a huge capacity for the development of maritime trade relations in the region.
Northern ports of the country; Significant capacity to develop relations with Shanghai Organization

PMO News Portal - The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), or Shanghai Pact, is a Eurasian political, economic, and security alliance, the creation of which was announced on 15 June 2001 in Shanghai. the organization was formed mostly due to and based on creating more interaction between member countries in the field of security issues and the development of multilateral cooperation to resolve border issues, but recently it has entered a new phase with focus on the existing capacities and opportunities provided by the member states of this organization.

Abdollah Jafari; The head of the International Agreements of the ports and maritime Organization stated: the membership of the top two economies in the world in this organization and the membership of China and Russia as two of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council show the importance of this organization. such Opportunities can be used in the form of international meetings and negotiations with the leaders of the countries present at the summit, even in the form of bilateral cooperation.

Jafari stressed the importance of making greater use of economic potential in transportation and transit in the region and said: Paying special attention to the transportation potentials through the Caspian Sea, it would be possible to use the facilities and capacities available in the northern ports of Iran to create a roadmap toward increasing the volume of trade and use of combined transportation schemes with Caspian littoral countries and the CIS countries.

The Caspian Sea, as the largest lake in the world with an area of 380,000 square kilometers, is the main route of valid transportation and transit corridors such as the North-South corridor, the Caspian Sea-Black Sea corridor and the Trans-Caspian corridor. Caspian ports; With an operating capacity of about 140 million tons, a commercial performance of more than 30 million tons by 2020, and with a commercial fleet capacity of about 300 ships have a high capacity to develop maritime trade relations.

Sep 18, 2021 10:45