Terminal mechanization and creation of a grain logistics center in Imam Khomeini port

Director General of Ports and Maritime of Khuzestan: the current storage capacity for basic commodities in Imam Khomeini Port is 3 million and 800 thousand tons. of which 3.4 million tons are allocated to grains and 400,000 tons to edible oils.
Terminal mechanization and creation of a grain logistics center in Imam Khomeini port

PMO News Portal - Adel Deriss mentioned the development and utilization of more railway capacity in Imam Khomeini Port Complex in terms of providing road infrastructure as a strategic policy and said: Accordingly, the number of freight stations has increased from 10 to 19 stations in the last three years. the share of rail transport in Imam Khomeini port has been one million and 950 thousand tons since the beginning of the year (Iranian Calendar).

Since Imam Khomeini Port Complex is the main hub of basic commodities in the region, it is very important that ships spend the least amount of time at the berths for loading and unloading operations.

The director of Imam Khomeini Port Free Economic Zone stated: currently it takes an average of 8 to 10 days for an average ship to be unloaded, but in line with the approved master plan, the creation and operation of several mechanized grain terminals have been put on the agenda. according to the plan, the mechanization of Terminal 4 has more than 60% physical progress with an annual capacity of 4 million tons. With the construction of these terminals, the unloading time of a 60,000-ton ship will be at most 5 days, which will play a significant role in the cost of goods.

Derris considered the upgrade of the country's ports, especially Imam Khomeini Port, as one of the serious approaches of the Ports and Maritime Organization and said: the establishment of a grain logistics center is one of the vital plans in Imam Port Complex.

Sep 25, 2021 10:18