IMO Council 34th Extraordinary Session

The 34th Extraordinary session of the Council of the International Maritime Organization was held virtually.
IMO Council 34th Extraordinary Session

PMO News Portal - At the 34th Extraordinary Session of the Council of the International Maritime Organization, the Iranian delegation, consisting of five people, chaired by Jalil Eslami; the Deputy of Maritime Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran.

presenting the reports of the five main committees of IMO, preparing for the 32nd session of the IMO Assembly in December, reviewing the latest status of the conventions, resource management including human resources, budget, strategy and planning for the next two years were among the most important item on the agenda of the five-day virtual meeting.

One of the topics discussed at this meeting was the possibility of holding IMO meetings in person in late April 2022.

The Council is the executive organ of IMO and is responsible, under the Assembly, for supervising the work of the Organization. The Council is made up of 40 Member States, elected by the Assembly for two-year terms.

Nov 14, 2021 09:25