New Investment opportunities in Amirabad Port

Amirabad port is seeking to attract 8,000 billion Rls. in private sector investment this year.
New Investment opportunities in Amirabad Port

PMO News Portal - With the implementation of policies and strategic plans of the Ports and Maritime Organization, 18 thousand and 454 billion Rls. has been invested by private sector in Amirabad port so far. with appropriate planning it is expected that 8,000 billion Rls. to be added to private sector investment in this year.

Private investment as a driver of diversification of goods in ports, has a direct effect on increasing the loading and unloading rate of goods and subsequently on economic development and sustainable employment in the region. The production sector includes the construction of silos, warehouses, edible oil tanks, as well as the establishment of factories.

Amirabad port has provided proper environments for investment by providing applicable infrastructure and comprehensive support to economic actors. creating a coordinated system for investment and two-way communication between investment applicants and the port has maximized the participation of the private sector in the port’s hinterlands.

Apr 24, 2022 10:26