Iran, Qatar to expand ports and maritime cooperation

The CEO of Mwani Qatar (Qatar Ports Management Company), Capt. Abdulla Mohamed Al-Khanji at the head of a high-ranking delegation met with Ali Akbar Safaei, Managing Director of PMO to discuss developing commercial relations and fostering ports and maritime collaboration between the two countries.
Iran, Qatar to expand ports and maritime cooperation

Pointing to the potential of Bushehr, Deir, Kangan, and Negin port Island in Bushehr Province, Safaei proposed investment in a logistic center in Bushehr Port by Qatar's private sector in order to manage the export supply chain from Bushehr to Qatar.

In the meeting, Safaei pointed to the importance of low sulfur fuel for cargo and passenger vessels and said Iran and Qatar can cooperate in bunkering and supply low sulfur fuel for the fleets.

Al-Khanji welcomed the proposal and stated that Bushehr and Deir Ports are the gateways for bilateral trade as 99 percent of the trade transactions take place through these ports.

He added that investments in these ports, along with increasing the berths' depth and channel widening can help increase the volume of imports/exports between the two countries.

Additionally, Qatar Government intends to make possible the traffic of large ships between ports of the two countries.

Iran-Qatar maritime collaborations would facilitate transshipment among Persian Gulf countries up to Russia and the Central Asian countries through Iran's ports.

May 31, 2022 09:10