PMO’s Statement on the latest situation of the two seized Greek tankers

the Ports and Maritime Organization, as the authority for Iran's maritime sovereignty: All crew of these two tankers are in perfect physical and mental health and phone communication with their families is arranged and facilitated.
PMO’s Statement on the latest situation of the two seized Greek tankers


PMO News Portal – the Ports and Maritime Organization’s statement is as follows


Following the statement of the Farhang Abhaye Aram Shipping Agency Co. as the official representative of P&I and the owners of the two Greek tankers that they had received numerous messages from the owners and their P&I clubs expressing concern about the condition of the crew onboard Delta Poseidon and Prudent Warrior tankers, and after the required coordination by the Ports and Maritime Organization, the Deputy of Maritime

Affairs of Hormozgan Province Ports and Maritime met with the captains onboard the tankers, the result of which is as follows:


In this meeting, the captains of both ships confirmed that all crew are mentally and physically well and the military forces had acted toward them appropriately and that no complaints had been reported. Also, in order to facilitate the telephone communication of the ship's crew with their families, it was decided that the ships’ representative would provide SIM cards and mobile phones to them.


The captains of the two vessels also requested shipping representative for food, water and other consumables, as well as the necessary coordination for delivering garbage from the ship to shore.


Also, due to the presence of crew onboard ships for a long time, the issue of changing a number of crew was raised with the ships’ captains and it was decided that upon the owners’ agreement, the necessary coordination should be done in this regard.


Considering that the mentioned tankers were carrying oil derivatives, the PMO representative provided the tankers’ captains with the necessary safety and pollution prevention instructions. Also considering the importance and sensitivity of the region which is recognized as a Special Environmental Zone by the International Maritime Organization and the MARPOL Convention, the recommendations to prevent pollution and maintain the safety of the crew and the ship were given to the ships’ captains.


According to the request of the ships’ captains and in accordance with international regulations and standards, it was decided that the necessary action take place in order to facilitate the implementation of international requirements by the ships’ crew including recording the ship's events.


A phone conference was also held between the captains, the ships’ representatives and the shipowners' headquarters in Greece, and the shipowners gave the captains instructions on how to maintain the cargo.


The captains of the ships were advised that they would inform the relevant representative of the ships about their needs, and in this regard, the Ports and Maritime Organization will cooperate accordingly.


the ships’ captains and crews were also informed that in accordance with international standards, there would be no restrictions for carrying out daily operations and preparations onboard the ships.


In the end, it was declared that in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, necessary arrangement will be made for the crew to meet with the related embassies as soon as expressing readiness.


Jun 5, 2022 13:45