The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Amirabad Port is located in the east of Mazandaran Province and at a distance of 51 kilometers from Sari, the province capital.

Considering the strategic importance of Caspian Sea, of huge markets in its littoral states, and extensive commercial and economic potentials for activities such as energy resource exploitation and swap, transport, communications, and cargo transit, development of this port complex was considered as a priority, and it is expected that implementation of the port development plan in  future would establish a favorable position for this port in international trades arena, especially as a result of the higher flourishing of the INSTC Corridor and growing investments in the supported lands.

Amirabad Port has the potential of providing quality services to cargo owners and public entities in regard to grains, general cargos, petrochemical products, RO-ROs, and containerized goods, as well cargo handling and storing.

  • Being located on the International North-South Transit Corridor (INSTC), and facilitating cargo transit between Scandinavia, Caucasia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Persian Gulf, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan;
  • Being connected to the national railway network, and having access to Shahid Rajaee and Imam Khomeini Ports; Serving as a hub port for grain in north of the country; and
  • Possessing Ro-Ro berth (truck & train)for direct  shipment  and cargo transitioning
  • Modern  multipurpose transport systems 
  • Fuel Transit activities including reservoir construction;
  • Conducting vehicle transit activities to  the CIS countries;
  • Conducting activities related to steel industries;
  • Conducting activities related to paper and wood industries;
  • Establishing an export terminal for petrochemical products;
  • Constructing a grain silo;
  • Constructing a power plant and power generation;
  • Providing food provisions , water and fleet supplies;
  • Establishing waste collection and disposal facilities for ships (Reception facilities).