Anzali Port is one of the busiest ports among the southern Caspian Sea littoral states, and its importance is further highlighted due to its location in the International North-South Transit Corridor (INSTC).

This port provides various services to customers, taking advantage of suitable infrastructures, multi-purpose warehouses and terminals, and applying modern cargo handling equipment. Moreover, the Vessel Traffic System (VTS) is an advantage for guaranteeing safety, which distinguishes Anzali Port from other ports in the Caspian Sea. After being linked to the national railway and highway network, which extend inside the port area as well, this port will perform a key role in national maritime transport industry

Being located within the free trade zone and providing special facilities for cargo owners, traders & investors;

Proximity to industrial provinces and major population centers; and

Enjoying customs exemptions for goods manufactured inside the zone, equal to the value - added created.

Repair maintenance and dry dock ;
Constructing reservoirs and pipelines for transferring liquid and oil products to petrochemical downstream industries;
Purchasing passenger ships and opening a passenger terminal;
Constructing warehouses for storage of general cargos; and
Constructing grain silos.